Futbolme vs Livescore, which is the best app to follow soccer

Futbolme vs Livescore, which is the best app to follow soccer

Futbolme and Livescore are two applications that allow us to keep track of football matches, of the main leagues in the world, in a very simple way over the Internet. We have put together this article to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two applications.

Futbolme or Livescore, we solve the eternal doubt of football fans

Many football fans wonder if it is better to use Futbolme or Livescore, to keep track of the games that are not broadcast on television. It is a question that is really difficult to answer, since it is about two applications with quite different characteristics, so it is very difficult to give one of the two as the winner.

For this reason, we believe that it is more important to explain the differences that exist between these two applications. In this way, each user can choose to use the one that suits them best, according to their preferences.

Before getting into the subject, we want to remind you that both services can be used through their official website , although you can also install applications on your Android or iOS smartphone , so that you can always have their services at hand.

Futbolme: a very complete application, but somewhat messy

soccer me web

We started talking about Futbolme. It is an application to follow football matches, which is really complete , and offers us a large amount of information related to the beautiful game.

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Futbolme allows us to keep track of most international tournaments, including both first and second, and even third divisions in many cases. Added to all this is the fact that it has recently incorporated some women's competitions into its database.

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Futbolme shows us an interface with several categories, which are visible as soon as we enter the application. One of the biggest criticisms of the application is that its interface often shows too much information , which can confuse the user, and make it more difficult to find what he was looking for.

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This situation is even worse if you decide to use this service through their website. The interface of the Futbolme website does not adapt very well to mobile devices , so it will be very easy for you to end up clicking in the wrong place.

There are also other elements that can confuse the user, such as texts in different colors, which can lead the user to think that it is a link. However, in most cases it is plain text.

With this, it is already quite clear to us that design and order are not the strengths of Futbolme .

In exchange for dealing with an overloaded interface, and on many occasions difficult to understand and use, Futbolme offers us much more content than any other application to follow football. In addition, it is one of the applications that bet the most on the lower categories, something especially relevant in the case of the Spanish league.

Another advantage of Futbolme is that it has a " Televised " tab , which you can use to find out which games will be broadcast on television and on which channels.

Livescore: less content, but much more intuitive and easy to use

livescore web

We will now talk about Livescore, the other great application that we can use to follow all the football matches on the Internet.

Livescore's interface is characterized by being the complete opposite of Futbolme. Here we find a much more minimalist design , and with all the content very well organized, so that you can find what you are looking for easily. It is an interface that is very well designed, and that is why it has remained exactly the same for many years.

livescore 2

Livescore offers very interesting sections, in which you can see the scorers, the yellow and red cards received by the players, as well as all the rankings . Another aspect that we like a lot is that all the elements load at a high speed. This is all a sign that it is a service that is very well optimized.

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Livescore shows very few ads on its interface, which is appreciated. This makes it much easier to use, and it also helps items load much faster.

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Another aspect in which Livescore wins by a landslide is that its interface is designed to adapt perfectly to mobile devices . All the elements differ very well from each other, so it will be much more difficult for you to click in the wrong place. In addition, the images are not out of square, and all of them are very well optimized, so as not to eat up your data rate.

The main weakness of Livescore is that it hardly covers regional and local football , and it also has much less data on international football.

In the case of the Spanish league, the lowest category that we can find within this application is the Second Division B, which completely leaves out the Third Division, and many other interesting matches from regional competitions.

Conclusion Futbolme vs Livescore

It is not easy to decide on one of these two applications to follow soccer. The main advice we can give you is that, if you are only interested in the major soccer leagues, Livescore offers you everything you need in a very clear and orderly way.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the lower leagues and small regional and local competitions, Futbolme is an application that will offer you a large amount of content so that you are always up to date.

Of course you can use both pages, in this way you can use one service or another depending on what interests you. Remember that they are two totally free platforms, so you have nothing to lose in either of them.

Do you prefer to use Futbolme or Livescore to follow soccer competitions? You can leave a comment with your opinion, we would love to hear from you so that we can better help other users.