Mega, how to share files through Megaupload substitute

Mega, how to share files via Megaupload 1 substitute

Mega is the new online file storage service developed by the founder of Megaupload. Despite the expectation generated by its launch, Mega has failed to dazzle the public (at least for now). And that this service offers a very large storage space of 50 GB for free. One of the main functions of this platform may be in the ability to share files with other users of the service or publicly. We will tell you how to use the different options on this platform.

Without a doubt, the main attraction of Mega today is its capacity of 50 GB of free space and its lack of size limitations when uploading files. This makes it an attractive platform to share files with other users. Mega offers several options. The first one is to generate a download link for the files that we have uploaded to the network. To do this, we right-click on the desired file and then on the option "Get link." In the window that appears we have four boxes to manage the way in which we share the link.

The first box called "link to the file" is the main one, since it generates the link from which we will download the file. If we mark the second option called "File key " the user who accesses the file will not have to enter the password. Actually, it makes little sense for us to share a file without having both options checked, since it is a random key that we generate in the same window. The other two options simply add the file size and name to the download link description .

share files on Mega

The second way of sharing files requires that the user with whom we are going to share the files also has a Mega account . In this case, instead of being a single file, you have to share an entire folder . To do this, we right click on the folder name and then on the "Share" option . We enter the email address of the other user and then choose the rights they will have. We can choose between read rights, read and write rights and full access to this folder . From that window access to files is also removed.

Finally, the third way to share files between users is through the contacts window. First we enter the contact name by right-clicking on the contacts option and then "Add a contact". This contact will appear on the left side of the screen and in the contact window itself. The fastest way to send a certain file or folder is to drag it from the file manager window to the contact's name. This file will appear inside the "Inbox" or "Entry" folder in the Mega account.