The 10 funniest YouTube videos of 2016


2016 is coming to an end and like every December , it's time to take stock of the best we have seen and experienced during the year. YouTube has already made its own annual top ten, but now it's up to us to review what the 10 funniest YouTube videos of 2016 have been for us (and for many people) . You will find Sia , but also Rubius, Lori Money and even Los Morancos . They have been some of the protagonists of the videos that have made us laugh the most and that we have frantically shared on our networks. Do you want to take a look at the best ones? Get ready to live and laugh again with the most famous of the year.

1. Sia Carpool Karaoke

The Carpool Karaoke James Corden is one of the phenomena of the year. The English comedian interviews the great celebrities of the planet riding in a car, for the program The Late Late Show , broadcast on CBS. All James Corden does is drive the car to the television facilities, interviewing them and singing their most successful songs. In your car they have gone up Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin, Adele and even Elton John . But one of the videos that has had the most impact has been that of Sia .

2. Pen-Pineapple-Apple

One video that has been successful, probably because of its absurdity, is the Pen-Pineapple-Apple . The creation is signed by a Japanese comedian named Kazuhiko Kosaka and the truth is that the invention has no logic. Talk about sticking an apple and pineapple into a pen to get a PPAP , or what would be a pineapple and apple pen. It's absurd like a house, but you might have a good laugh. It's something.

3. Zombie apocalypse

Another thing that has become fashionable: zombies, although this has been around for a long time. In this video that has been around the world, two brothers try to convince their little sister  - who has just come out of surgery, by the way - that a zombie apocalypse is brewing. The girl's reaction is not wasted.

4. Do you want to know that?

The phrase went viral, after someone asked on Yahoo Answers (who told him to get there) which Nietzsche book would be the best to delve into nihilism. A lumbreras replied: Do you want to know that? and it went viral. Then Lory Money came along and did a little song that has over two million views . Haven `t you seen it yet?

5. The Bicycle (Los Morancos)

No, it is not the hit of Shakira and Carlos Vives . It is the parody of Los Morancos , who, taking advantage of the disastrous political situation, made a video emulating the original video clip, but talking about our country disaster and the possibility of returning to a third election. In the position of singers, Omaíta and her entire court achieved almost 10 million views on YouTube .

6. Parodying songs

Do you remember the legendary Lieutenant moments? Well this is more of the same. Some guys who are dedicated to recreating scenes that culminate in song parodies . They sound in English, but it seems that they say it in Spanish. See if you recognize them!

7. Of course, handsome

It has gone viral and is the advertisement for Chicfy , an application to buy fashion. In it, a girl appears and pronounces the golden phrase: " Of course, beautiful ." The truth is that there is no middle ground in it. You either love it or hate it. What is clear is that the dance and the little song are absolutely addictive. If you watch the video, you run the risk that the song will stick to you . Be careful, sweetie.

8. Pokémon and The Rubius

In this crowded world of youtubbers, El Rubius is the one who takes the first prize. It is the most followed in Spain and the fourth most popular on all of YouTube . What he basically does is make humorous videos about the world of videogames. This year he has broken the counters with the Pokémon Go videos .


9. Rubi's birthday

And we are ending with the latest videos that have made us laugh this year. One of the most popular was Rubí's birthday , a home recording in which Rubí's parents invited everyone to their daughter's birthday party . People took it literally and within hours, more than a million and a half people had already confirmed their attendance.


10. The ten best montages of the anchovy face

And we end this special of the funniest videos of the year on YouTube with a viral phenomenon from this last week . The famous anchovy face cookie was parody meat, so here are the top ten montages. If you found the original funny, with these you will start laughing.

What has been the funniest video of the year for you?