Yamaha YSP-1400, sound bar with Bluetooth

yamaha ysp-1400

This soundbar is simplicity personified. The Yamaha YSP-1400 model is a simple and effective solution to enhance the audio of any flat screen TV. With an elegant case finished in glossy black. It offers multi-channel sound in a single product, which on top of it connects to TV with a single cable. And it is that the brand's engineers have put two subwoofers inside the box, to achieve good performance in the low frequencies. Each one is hidden inside one of the legs, and the diameter of the bass cone is 8.5 centimeters. The configuration is also composed of eight 2.8-millimeter transducers. Between all of them they manage to provide 5.1 channel surround sound.

Thanks to the integrated amplifier, the audio output power adds up to 76 watts in total , and is distributed at 8 by 2 watts plus the 2 by 30 watts provided by the subwoofers. It can decode various multichannel sound formats, such as Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround . The user can adjust the sound envelope using the supplied remote control, according to the situation of the equipment in relation to the walls of the room to achieve optimal results. In addition, there are four Cinema DSP (digital signal processing) programs available to choose from: one special for movies, one for sports, and a third for video games. Now, there is also a specific room for music.

yamaha ysp-1400

The Yamaha YSP-1400 is designed to meet the needs of home theater , but also music listening . You can connect the home hi-fi chain, but also the manufacturer wants to facilitate the enjoyment of songs stored on smartphones and tablets . Hence, it also includes capabilities to play audio wirelessly via Bluetooth , from any compatible device. It has a Bluetooth standby mode that allows it to be activated from the mobile phone itself, provided that it has previously been paired with the bar.

En cuanto al resto de la conectividad, tiene una entrada de audio digital coaxial, una entrada de audio digital óptica y dos entradas de audio analógicas. Aparte, aunque no ande corto de graves, el usuario, si así­ lo desea, puede añadir un subwoofer adicional. Por otro lado, los diálogos de las pelí­culas resultan claros, independientemente del nivel de volumen, gracias a la función Clear Voice. Y UniVolumen se ocupa de mantener homogéneos los niveles de volumen incluso cuando se cambia de canal o saltan los anuncios publicitarios.

It is a low profile bar that can be installed perfectly in front of the TV. It does not matter if you block the remote control receiver of the TV, because this Yamaha has a repeater for the remote control signal. It weighs 4.3 kilos and measures 1,000 by 96 and by 133 millimeters (counting the legs). It is possible to find the Yamaha YSP-1400 soundbar in stores in our country at a retail price of 400 euros.