Windows 8, how to remove the administrator password

Windows 8

When using Windows 8 , one of the security additions that the American company has introduced is the need to enter the password for our Microsoft account every time we start the computer or come out of sleep. However, this feature can become quite heavy if we use the equipment at home and do not need that extra security. For such users, there is a way to eliminate the need to enter the password each time the computer is accessed. We will tell you in a few steps how to take advantage of this feature to speed up the use of your Windows 8 computer .

But first we must bear in mind that activating this function means that any other user can enter the computer, so it is better to make sure that we are the only ones who have regular access to the equipment (or our trust in the users who access the equipment is total). In addition, to carry out these steps it is necessary that we are the administrator of the team or that we have an account with administrator rights. The first thing to do is open a Windows 8 search box .To do this, you have to open the options bar on the right of the screen by dragging your finger from the edge to the center or if it is not a touch device by placing the mouse pointer in the left corner and then raising it up. The option in question is "Search" . We can also use a quick keyboard shortcut that consists of pressing the combination "Windows key + Q" .

Remove key in Windows 8

Inside the white box, we introduce the word "netplwiz" without the quotes. An icon should appear immediately below the panel next to which you can see the name of the tool. We click on it. Here a window will appear in which we must enter the administrator password. This tool is actually a small window where you can manage the different user accounts that are configured on the computer. Just above this list we should have by default the option "Users must enter their name and password to use the equipment". We make sure that the account that is selected in the list is the one in which we want to remove the password and thenWe deactivate the option by clicking on the small box next to that phrase. Finally, we click on the "Apply" option .

The system will open another small window where we can see the box with the user's name and two more boxes below. For this change to take effect, we must write the password of the account in both . Then we click on accept again and the change will have been made. If everything has gone well, the next time we enter the system or exit from sleep mode, we will not be asked for any type of password when entering. This trick will speed up the Windows 8 login process, although you must use it carefully. At any time you can re-establish the password by doing the same steps but activating the function to write name and password.