Escape from Fortnite, escape for your life with the diamond flame

Escape from Fortnite, escape for your life with the diamond flame

Epic Games updates Fortnite again with very, very interesting news. Version 5.40 arrives with a live event that includes a game mode, new legendary skin, challenges, and new items . Next, we tell you all the news of "Everything at stake".

One of the most complete game modes in Fortnite is here. It's called The Flight. In this mode that will be played in squad, safes will appear on the map. These have to be opened and a diamond flame that is inside must be collected. If we succeed, we must escape to some vans and "get on them" we must complete a total of 4 vans to win the game. The flame will become a kind of backpack that also takes up space in the weapons inventory, so other players can see it on its rival. If the team is eliminated, that flame will appear on the ground and can be picked up to complete the escape and win the game.

Other interesting details of this game is the new weapon, a Grappler or suction cup hook that facilitates the escape. This gun can be fired and will launch a rope with a limpet that hooks into the walls like a sticky grenade. The player will be able to propel himself through that limpet and arrive before. Perfect, for example, for climbing structures.

Skins, challenges and rewards

With this game mode also comes a new Skin , a man dressed in a white suit and customizable Poker masks . This Skin can be found in the store and will also come with a hang glider and backpack.

In addition, Fortnite has launched an event with different challenges to get a peak related to the game mode, experience points, or fall effect and a Poker graffiti . These are free as long as we complete the challenges . Also, you won't need to have the battle pass. These are the challenges that you will need to complete.

  • To earn 5,000 XP : Play 10 games of The Escape
  • If you want to get the graffiti : Deal 500 damage to opponents who have the jewel
  • To get the drop effect: Collect a jewel in 5 different games

When you complete all the challenges, Fortnite will give you the pick in the shape of a lever.

Weapon modifications


Other details to note about the new version is that the revolver has been removed from the game. The rarities of some weapons have also been changed. For example, the Rare Origin Rocket Launcher has been removed and more Epic and Legendary categories will appear . The Common Silenced SMG has also been removed from the game. Semi-Auto Marksman Rifle rarity has been changed from Epic and Legendary to Uncommon and Rare.

The Legendary Bolt Sniper Rifle has been removed and would only appear in rare and epic quality . Lastly, the remote explosives go from rare to epic quality and the strong laptop from epic quality to rare. It is important to mention that the damage of these weapons has not been modified.

Other changes

The storm changes. At the end of the game he will release a kind of discharge that will destroy the structures. Of course, with fall damage. Finally, performance improvements are added on Nintendo Switch, bug fixes in the sound of some weapons and different improvements in Fortnite for mobile.

Now there are more mobiles from Sony, HTC or Motorola. In addition, VoIP has been added to Android, they improve performance in some locations and fix some errors, such as one on iPhone that caused the screen to turn off if we did not touch it. And most importantly, you can now thank the bus driver in Fortnite for mobile. 

Via: Epic Games.