Bunkr, How to End Boring PowerPoint Presentations


Who has not ever turned to PowerPoint to make a presentation . Whether for work or studies, it is useful as a support tool . On the other side of the coin, who has not had to endure more than one event where the talk bored even the sheep. Not everyone has the time or enough knowledge to hook the audience with a PowerPoint . If you also want the result to be attractiveand is filled with videos, notes and reference documents, the operation is even more complicated. The aesthetic part is much more difficult than compiling the content and elaborating the message. How to create a beautiful and effective presentation in a few minutes? Bunkr claims to offer an answer.

It is a web service to create original presentations with a few mouse clicks. Worked in HTML 5 format , the most modern version of the web programming language. They can be read on any device , such as a computer, smartphone or tablet, without the need for special software; just have access to the Internet. The slides are flat, but neat looking. Plus, it's easy to include videos, articles, and other content on your slides. It is very easy to use for anyone. The user uploads the contents to the cloud , where they are available to make changes or for subsequent work.


At the end, the user can send a link to the presentation to share it with other people. The author can establish that it is private and close it with a password, so that only certain people can read it. Bunkr also lets you export presentations to PPT (PowerPoint) or PDF (Adobe). It takes up less space than its PowerPoint or Keynote equivalents , making it easy to share. They are also fast and fluid. The user can collect various contentfor your presentations, such as images, quotes, web pages, videos or articles. You can collect them from a smartphone or tablet, from a website, or from any application, such as YouTube or Google Images . Then you can classify all those contents that serve as inspiration, and search for them by various criteria, such as date, type, folder or labels, among others.

Bunkr is available in two modes: one free and one paid . The free one (Bunkr Free) is for a single user , admits two presentations and it is possible to store a hundred contents to elaborate them. The paid one (Bunkr PRO) has no limits on the number of presentations, or the amount of content. It offers collaborative tools for teamwork and the ability to create and manage common folders. Its price starts at $ 3 a month for a single user and double for two users, up to $ 3,250 a year for one hundred users.

To start using the free version of Bunkr you need to visit their website and register. At the moment, the service is available in English or French.