LG UltraGear, a gaming monitor with an ultra wide screen

LG UltraGear, a gaming monitor with an ultra wide screen

The gaming sector is tremendously interesting for companies, we have seen how they made their different bets. Now it is the turn of the South Korean company and it does it in style with its new Ultrawide Gaming monitors from LG. These monitors are intended for enthusiasts in the gaming world or people who want the best in terms of monitors.

The characteristics of these monitors make them a more than successful proposal to play long games of our favorite games. This is so due to its specifications and characteristics, it also has an "aggressive" design that a more austere person may not like but is characteristic or typical of the gaming sector. We tell you more about LG's Ultrawide Gaming monitors .

LG's new Ultrawide Gaming monitors are the perfect bet for any gamer

We have said that its design is "aggressive" and this is because it is dedicated to the gaming sector. This is seen at a first glance. These LG Ultrawide Gaming monitors have a curved panel with reduced frames, the base is two thin metal pieces that act as legs, behind it has an engraving as if it were an electrical circuit, in addition where the base is hooked with the monitor. Raises to accommodate the connections and on the edge we find a circle of LEDs that can be illuminated in different colors.

But that they have this design does not justify that they will be perfect to play games of hours. What makes them good candidates to be at the tables of the most gamers are their specifications. We are talking about Ultrawide monitors, that for all of us means that they are longer so we have much more field of vision, if we add their curvature to this we will have practically no blind spots so we can observe everything that happens while we play.

The strong point of these LG Ultrawide Gaming monitors is their refresh rate. This means the speed at which the image is updated. Specifically, these monitors are 144Hz which makes them perfect for shooting games since we have to have greater precision when aiming and we need greater fluidity to move and see the rest of the players. In addition, this allows the player to make faster decisions because he is aware of what is happening before.

LG UltraGear price and availability

At the moment LG has not commented anything about the price or the availability of these monitors. But there is no doubt that their price will be in accordance with their characteristics, so they will be within the reach of the most enthusiastic of video games.