How to prevent Spotify from kicking you out of your family plan

How to prevent Spotify from kicking you out of your family plan

A piece of news has come to the fore: some Spotify users have seen their family accounts deleted as they are not being used by "real families." That is, when a group of users focuses on a family account, and the expense is simply distributed . This is not the real goal of the plan, which seeks to be used in family settings that share a home.

In those cases, the accounts were restored to their free versions, automatically. We are going to tell you a little about how this identification system works so that, if you have a genuine family account , you will take it into account to avoid misunderstandings.

Spotify family plan

The idea is that, with this plan, you can join up to six different accounts in a single billing, of 15 euros per month . Obviously, it is a very attractive deal for anyone who wants to save a few euros. However, the plan is designed so that the people who use it live in the same place, and in many cases, take advantage of the same devices: computers, smart TVs, consoles, etc.

This plan also works for mobile accounts, and allows you to listen to your favorite songs offline. That is, it is a complete premium account , only shared between six users from the same household.

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How to keep the family plan smoothly

When we create a Spotify account, we are not asked for the address. So how does Spotify check that we live in the same place? Through zip code . In our account we do have to fill in a field with our postal code.

Therefore, a requirement for the different accounts to remain within the Spotify family plan is that they share the zip code. Could it happen that an account is deleted when you actually live in the same house? Yes. If you made the account living elsewhere, and your account has a different zip code, it could happen.

So now you know, if you want to avoid any problems with your Spotify family account, make sure that all members of the plan have, in their separate accounts, the same zip code . We do not know if in the future Spotify will look for a different measure to locate possible imposters, but for now everything goes through the zip code.