10 websites and apps to find the cheapest gas stations

10 websites and apps to find the cheapest gas stations

If you have gone to refuel this week at your reference gas station, you will have noticed that the price of fuel has increased, both for diesel and gasoline . To save this type of specific climbs, the most sensible thing you can do is buy an electric car.

But this is not always possible . First of all, by price. Who is good to change the car just because the price of gasoline has become more expensive? Second, because electric cars still offer some practical limitations, especially for those who have to travel long distances on a daily basis.

Today we want to help you find the best prices for gasoline and diesel without having to search too much. We have located web pages and practical applications to always be aware of how much you can save and do it close to wherever you are.

The price of gasoline

1. The price of gasoline

If you want to know how the price of gasoline is in your area, you can use this website. All you have to do is access the price of gasoline and allow them to recognize your location from the page. In this way, they will show you which gas stations are nearby and will give you a list of the prices that interest you the most .

If you need to move and refuel elsewhere, you can also indicate the city or postal code at the top of the search engine. Next, you will have access on the map to all the gas stations that you have nearby and that can offer you a little more competitive prices . Nor should you expect miracles.

gasoline and diesel

2. Gasoline and Diesel Spain

Gasolina y Diesel España is another application with which you can find your closest service stations, as well as specific information about all of them. The system uses location services, so you will have to have them activated and you will get a list. When you click on each of the stations, you will see the address, timetables, price history and direct access to Google Maps, to obtain precise instructions to get there. 


3. Gas Station Geoportal

The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda has its own portal to account for all the gas stations that we can find on the territory. It is a fairly accessible search engine , from which you can add your search criteria and then select if you want to see the cheapest or discounted prices within your province and filter by fuel.

You will be able to get as close to the map as you need to see the information about each of the service stations, including address, price of the chosen fuel and score given by other users.

gasoline price

4. Instant gas price

Now we are going with another application that will be great for you to find cheaper service stations wherever you are. This is Instant Gas Price, a tool that relies on your current location to search for the closest gas stations. You can indicate the search radius that interests you (between 1 and 25 kilometers) to obtain a list with the corresponding prices for the fuel you have chosen . You can see the results in list format or on the map.


5. OCU search engine

The OCU Finder is another interesting tool to search for the cheapest gas stations near any address. When you access this page, you will have to enter a valid address (it does not have to be yours, but the one of the place where you are or any other street in your area), indicate the radius of kilometers in which you want to locate stations of service, type of fuel and capacity of the tank.

With all this, what you will get is a list of service stations ordered by number, from the cheapest to the most expensive, with specific information about their location and the price that they can currently offer you , for different types of fuel.

diesel gasoline

6. Gas stations Spain

Gas Stations Spain is a cleaner application that directly shows all the gas stations on the map. It is, in fact, a very graphic tool, with which you will see directly the prices and the brand of the service station at first glance. This will come in handy if you only refuel at Repsol or Cepsa gas stations , for example. The application includes maps and the option to navigate.

gas stations

7. Diesel or Gasoline

It is not a particularly intuitive and pleasant page to use, but it also offers up-to-date information on fuel prices in Spain. In Diesel or Gasoline you can also indicate a specific fuel and then the area for which you want to find a price list.

Don't expect a map, because what you will get here is a list of stations, along with the price. To verify that it is the correct price, you will see that the date on which it was verified appears at the bottom. It is possible, however, that it includes an error. If so and you detect it, as a user you will be able to notify it .


8. Save on Gasoline

Save on Gasoline is a very easy-to-use application that can help you a lot to find the gas stations and the cheapest prices. It also uses your location to find the closest gas stations and gives you accurate information on prices, locations and distances . You can see these establishments on the map, so it will help you find the reference point you need to get fuel at the best price.

Elpais gas stations

9. Price of gasoline in El País

El País also offers its own service so that readers can find the cheapest gas stations in their area. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, with which you will simply have to scroll through the map to see the gas stations that you have nearby and at the best price. To help you, they use a color code (green, orange and red) that indicates the cheapest and most expensive prices. If you click on each of the icons, you will get information about the service station and its prices.


10. GasAll

And we end with GasAll, one of the most interesting applications that exist to find good prices for gasoline and diesel. It is very well done, it is clear and easy to use. With your location, you can find nearby gas stations with details on the corresponding prices. But you can also search by zip code or city, if you want to find reference service stations while on the road.