The best YouTube channels to exercise from home

The best YouTube channels to exercise from home

Exercising regularly is a healthy practice for everyone. The truth is that the current pace of life that we lead prevents us, on many occasions, from finding a place to go to the gym or play sports outdoors. Things get even more complicated if you have family obligations or a job that you dedicate many hours to. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, not getting in shape is quite complicated. You no longer have excuses.

There are mobile applications, specific pages or YouTube channels, dedicated to cultivating your body from wherever you are. Today at your expert we want you to get out of your comfort zone and consider joining those who are committed to healthy exercise. Pay attention, because we are going to summarize some of the best YouTube channels with which you can practice sports from your own home.

P4P Spanish

We started strong with a channel that is a classic on YouTube. In fact, to give you an idea, 20 million fitness fans train every month with the videos that are uploaded. In P4P you have a bit of everything. From videos to do quick exercises in just seven minutes, to short videos to do abs working different areas. You will also find how to tone your buttocks, something very important if you are a woman and you like to take care of your body.

Once you start the video you will see that all the necessary instructions are given to you to do the exercise correctly. They even give you information in many of them of the muscles that you are working. P4P currently has more than one million subscribers . If you are interested in exercising at home, you can join them too.

Elena Malova

If you think that you have not gotten in shape for a long time and that there is no hope for you, Elena Malova's YouTube channel can help you not to throw in the towel. This Russian woman, who speaks Spanish perfectly, got on with the sport after years of inaction, achieving results in record time. In her channel we see routines of a few minutes to work buttocks and legs. Both for beginners and for those who have already been training for a while.

With Elena Malova you can work all the muscles of the body from home at the time you prefer. There are videos with exercises for the buttocks and legs, as we say, but also to tone arms or to achieve a flat abdomen.


Vikika complements her blog of healthy recipes with a YouTube channel where she also gives advice on eating. And not only that, we also find very complete exercises to work abs or glutes from home. Of course, his videos are not exactly for beginners . This Spanish guru shows workouts not suitable for all levels. So we advise you to only enter if you already have a few hours of fitness behind your back.

As you prepare to watch his exercises without giving up your life in the attempt, you can always stop by to check out his videos on healthy food. Vikika teaches you to cook fries without oil or very healthy biscuits so that you don't eat too many calories.

XHIT Daily

Would you like to know what are the favorite exercises of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence or Beyoncé? This channel will show you how celebs stay that well, being able to imitate their routine from your own home. We will be able to know what Kim Kardashian's favorite glute exercises are like, or how Mila Kunis spends them when training. In some cases, these are quite gentle exercises that will help us fight against the extra kilos that we will surely take this Christmas.

The length of the videos will allow you to do short workouts, perfect if you don't have much time. You can do them at home or even on a break at the office.

Workout Music Service

If what you like is to combine exercises with music according to the situation, the one that gets you going, without a doubt this is your channel. Studies agree that listening to music while doing sports significantly improves performance. So what better way to get in shape from home with everything done? On this channel they play music and also tell us how to do different workouts, both to work the glutes, as well as legs or arms.

In addition, music lists are also available if your thing is more to go for a run or go to the gym than staying home.

Sarah fit

If you are looking for something more professional, a qualified coach to guide you from home through the unknown world of sports, do not miss the Sarah Fit channel. This woman will explain step by step all kinds of exercises to achieve the perfect body that you are looking for so much. There are videos for all types of audiences. Even for new moms who want to regain their shape after delivery.

We also find short videos for beginners, abs, buttocks or weight loss users. Head over to the most popular videos section, where you will find a mix of Sarah's best videos.

Dance Fitness with Jessica

And if what you like is dancing, head over to this channel where you will find videos to move your skeleton while burning calories. Workouts are combined with some of the top songs of the moment. Of course, we recommend that before getting down to work you watch the videos a few times so as not to get lost with the steps.

And, to be able to get by on this channel you will need to have, at least, some minimal skills as a dancer.