How to deactivate and configure Google Now on your Android mobile

How to deactivate and configure Google Now on your Android mobile

Whether you want to deactivate it to save battery life or if you don't want the microphone to listen to what you say all day. Here we are going to teach you how to deactivate Google Now, the Google assistant. For now, until Android Assistant takes the throne from him. With a few very simple steps, you can both activate and deactivate this service. And what is this service used for? You may wonder.

You can ask Google Now what you want. If it recognizes the command, it will answer you by voice. You just have to say to the phone: "Ok Google, set an alarm tomorrow at 6"; "Ok Google, open the camera application"; "Ok Google, how tall is Woody Allen?" There are countless commands that you can use with this service. But if you don't want to have it activated, you just have to follow these simple steps.

How to activate and deactivate Google Now in simple steps

Take your Android mobile and enter the application drawer. Open the Settings app , which is usually represented by a gear. In the menu you are in, you have to go to the 'Personal' section and then 'Google'.

app drawer

In 'Google' you can make any adjustments you want regarding your account. And, of course, the 'Ok Google' service. In the Google application locate 'Search' within 'Services'.

google settings

If you have any questions, do not fear: we leave you clarifying screenshots. And inside 'Search', finally, we find 'Voice'. In this section is where we can configure:

  • The language in which you are going to use the application
  • Google Now detection : here you can configure how you want to interact with the application. There are several ways: from any mobile screen, only on the screen where you have the widget or even unlock by voice. To disconnect your mobile from Google now you just have to press the switch corresponding to "In the Google application". Then disconnect "From any screen". Make sure everyone is offline. The application will not work again until you configure it again.

voice settings google now

  • If you usually use Google Maps, you can also set Google Now to use it while driving.
  • You can also train the voice , in case your terminal has problems so that the function is executed correctly. To do this, we advise you to delete the recorded voice pattern and try to configure it again.

This way you will already have Google Now configured correctly , whether you want to have it or not. If you now need help with the configuration of the app, read on.

How to set up the Google Now app

The Google Now app offers, in convenient cards, everything the user needs to know. It tracks your searches and tracks your emails for pending trips. Or, even, pending packages to receive. Thus we can configure the application in a simple and fast way .

We just have to go to the hamburger menu , top left, and display it. Here we find:

  • Recent: all the searches you have done in the Chrome browser. It comes to you on cards that you can discard by swiping up. Thus, they will be completely removed from your history.
  • Reminders: alarm notes you have on your watch or in applications like Keep. Here you can manage them and see the pending and completed ones.

google now menu

  • Personalize: with the magic wand you can assign a place at home, work, add the sports that interest you and your favorite teams ... All your interests, in just one click.
  • You manage searches: if you are ever looking for something and you don't have data or a WiFi connection, they will be saved here for later.
  • Settings: shortcut that takes you to the 'Ok Google' voice settings
  • Send suggestions: tell Google what you would improve about the app
  • Help: a manual with everything you need to know about the wizard.

With these two practical tutorials you have everything you need to leave the Google assistant as you like. At least the time you have left, before Android Assistant lands.