Stunning photos of the snowy Sahara desert

sahara nasa snowy

Climate change is a reality, no matter how many people deny it. Seeing the completely frozen Sahara can give us reliable proof of this, apart from leaving us with our mouths open for a long time. Fortunately, there are wonderful people (and equally incredible technology) who have given us the opportunity to enjoy a spectacle that rarely happens: that a desert, one of the hottest places on planet Earth, is covered with snow almost completely . An unusual show that has left both locals and strangers with their mouths open.


The snowy Sahara: an unusual and spectacular sight

The snowfall that has devastated the Sahara desert, with a thickness of snow that has reached almost 40 centimeters, responds to the same meteorological phenomenon that has the population of the East Coast of the United States in check. The weather dictates the norms: it is normal to see cold air masses in the north and warm air in the south. But sometimes, when such accumulation becomes extreme, the rules are dropped and the tables are turned. It is not usual, but it has happened, to have weeks of constant rain in Andalusia and, nevertheless, attend days of sunshine and clear skies in the Galician community.

The Sahara is a very dry desert so that the snow can curdle, or even any snow falls, but this changed last Sunday: a considerable amount of cold air penetrated from the south, finding, in turn, a prosperous humidity level for this beautiful and unusual meteorological phenomenon to happen. The last recorded snowfall in the Sahara desert dates from 1979.


The snow storm that has occurred in the Sahara desert has fallen within the limits of the Algerian city of Ain Sefra, a city commonly known as 'The door of the desert' . The city has about 35 thousand inhabitants and is located between the very edge of the desert and the Atlas Mountains.

Images of the snowy Sahara

We are now going to offer you a series of images so that you can enjoy the snowy desert in all its splendor. We may be approaching a destiny of dire consequences, but, hard to say, they are, at the same time, incredibly beautiful.

The professional photographer Karim Bouchetata has displayed on his Twitter account a series of wonderful snapshots that offer us the opportunity to imagine what it must be like to be there, at that moment. We are going to offer you a few images of the snowy desert, captured by this photographer:

In this we can see the beautiful contrast that has formed between the areas where the sand still persists and the completely snow-covered dunes.

- Bouchetata Karim (@BouchetataK) January 9, 2018

Another spectacular image of Karim Bouchetata .

- Bouchetata Karim (@BouchetataK) January 9, 2018

Here we have a curious satellite map image in which we can see the area of ​​snow that has covered the desert. As we can read in the original tweet, the area marked in red would be the snow that fell on the ground.

Snow / snow (highlighted in pink / pink) in the middle of #Sahara de Terra- MODIS @eumetsat_users @esa

- RAM meteorology (@RAM_meteo) January 8, 2018

In the following video we can see how an audacious photographer immortalizes the wonderful snow and sand show . It must make you shiver to attend a natural spectacle of such magnitude.

Jučer je nakon 40 g. pao snijeg u Sahari (Algeria) #sahara #saharasnow #algeria

A post shared by Darije Butorac (@butoracdarije) on Jan 10, 2018 at 10:54 am PST

Now we are going to show you an impressive image, collected directly from NASA . The Sahara, snowy, seen from space.

Stunning photos of the snowy Sahara desert 1

Another amazing photo of the Sahara snow , seen from space and collected by the Landsat 7 satellite from NASA.

Stunning photos of the snowy Sahara desert 2