How does a bionic arm work?

Up here you have a simple explanation in English of the invention. Patients can move their arm , thanks to redirected nerves that send electrical signals to sensors placed on their chest . In addition, they can perceive certain sensations in this area, but it is intended to go much further. Advances indicate that in the future the arm could be controlled with thought , and even transmit complex sensations (pressure or temperature, for example).

How does a bionic arm work?  4

The first prototype was implanted in the American Jesse Sullivan four years ago (2002). Jesse is an electrician and suffered a tremendous accident in May 2001 when he touched a wire with a voltage close to 7,500 volts . According to, our friend has a gossip that costs six million dollars .

The second person to receive one of these prostheses was the young Claudia Mitchell (27 years old). The ex-marine lost her left arm in a motorcycle accident and has been working with her robotic limb since August 2006 . Now Claudia can put on her shoes, wash or peel a banana.

How does a bionic arm work?  4

How does a bionic arm work?  4The arms were designed and implanted at the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute under the supervision of Dr. Todd Kuiken and are part of a project funded by DARPA.

The reality again than fiction. A few years ago, a bionic arm was something that we could only imagine in the Terminator (now turned Governator ) movies or in Star Wars. Remember the mechanical hand placed on Luke Skywalker when the lousy Dar Vader cuts it off with his lightsaber. Returning to the real world, now two people with amputated limbs have improved their quality of life after their accidents thanks to these artificial arms .

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