Users with Vodafone Online TV will be able to watch it outside of Spain

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We all like to be able to watch our TV service anywhere, especially when we travel. And if it is outside our country, much more. If we pay for television, in the middle of 2018, we want to enjoy it on our mobile, on our computer, on the tablet and anywhere. With this in mind, Vodafone opens its online TV service to all of Europe so that you can enjoy its service within the European Union.

Vodafone TV Online throughout Europe

As of April, if you are a user of Vodafone's online television service, you will be able to enjoy the programs while you are traveling throughout the European Union . You will continue to use the service as you used to while you were in Spain. Therefore, it will not increase its price and you will have the same content.

It also includes access to paid content (Videoclub) in addition to the on-demand channels that we have optionally contracted. A perfect way to enjoy a service that the user is already paying for, during their holidays or stays in Europe.

Users with Vodafone Online TV will be able to watch it outside of Spain 1

Vodafone TV Online users can enjoy more than 100 channels, among which we can find Fox Life, TNT, AXN, COSMO, Comedy Central, Calle 13, Canal Hollywood, Disney XD, National Geographic or Eurosport. In addition, Vodafone TV Online includes a programming guide for the next few days and the option to watch content up to 7 days before. Of course, the client has a recommendation for content and related programs, content search by title, creation of a personalized channel list and parental control for the little ones.

Right now, Vodafone has a promotional offer with which Vodafone One customers can enjoy the 3-month free TV package of the total Vodafone mode: 120 channels and more than 20,000 content on demand. For an additional 20 euros, you have 5 channels dedicated to football (LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3, the UEFA Champions League, La Copa del Rey and the UEFA Europa League. Total Vodafone also includes all HBO content with series like Game of Throne or The Sopranos.