More than 200 templates with Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve invitations

More than 200 templates with Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve invitations

Christmas is just around the corner and we have to get down to work with the preparations, lest we be late with the canapés, the gifts and the costumes in the end . Although, if you are going to celebrate Christmas at home, one of the things you should take into account is the guests. And for these to be considered as such, it is clear that first you will have to send them a personalized invitation.

Does everyone already know that they are going to participate in your Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve? If your answer is no, the best thing you can do in these cases, instead of sending a cold WhatsApp invitation , is probably creating an invitation yourself and printing it on paper or, if you prefer, send it in digital format. The fact is that it is a personalized invitation that reaches the hearts of your family or friends, and is also beautiful.

To help you in this task, we want to make it easy for you. So we've searched and searched over a hundred invitation templates that you can use to make your invitations for Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. You will see that there are infinite options and that there are also specific and online programs to create practically professional invitations. Are you looking forward to getting to it? Well, waste no more time and discover all the invitations that you can download and print below completely free of charge.

christmas postcards

Christmas invitations to download, print and send

The invitations that we will propose below are really beautiful. Instead of directly downloading the images to create the paper invitation, what you can do in Greeting Island (a site where you can create all kinds of cards online) will be to enter text yourself , within a ready-made and decorated template, with colored letters and fonts specially designed for the occasion.

We have found a good number of postcards that you can surely take advantage of, both to wish a happy holiday and to invite your friends or family to your Christmas celebrations. We invite you to edit, download, print or send any of the following :

  • A nice invitation with gifts, socks and HO! HO! HO!
  • A super elegant invitation, with details of mistletoe and golden tones
  • An invitation surrounded by a mistletoe wreath with very pretty fonts
  • An invitation with floral motifs and a classic font for Christmas
  • An invitation with another mistletoe wreath and a very contemporary design
  • A square invitation, more childish and with many elements related to Christmas
  • An invitation with a Christmas tree ball made up of countless Christmas objects and details
  • An invitation with a red van carrying a Christmas tree
  • An invitation with red floral motifs, very original for a Christmas with minimalist details
  • An invitation with a black background, red, white, green colors and all the typical elements
  • An invitation with the typical guirlache house, stars and the snowy night
  • An invitation with a nice Santa Claus drawn in a very traditional style
  • An invitation with a black background, white letters and exquisite floral details
  • A much nicer Christmas invitation, with drawings of Santa Claus and other characters
  • A much simpler invitation, with details of green leaves typical of Christmas
  • An invitation to a Christmas party with a garland of lights 
  • An invitation with a black background, gold lettering and green pine leaf details
  • An invitation with a crown in red, white background and decorative details in black
  • An invitation in square format, completely gold and with many Christmas stars
  • An invitation for the Christmas party in red and white, with very traditional patterns
  • A square invitation, with lots of snow and sparkles
  • An invitation with a very chubby snowman, on which you can write your Christmas message 
  • A minimalist invitation, with a white background and snowflakes in blue tones
  • An invitation with a Christmas ball, on a red background and lights, very elegant 
  • An invitation with a Christmas wreath in which you can insert a photo of your family 
  • An invitation to wish Merry Christmas at the same time, in red, green and white tones
  • A more formal invitation, for a Christmas party, with lots of gifts and space to write
  • An ideal invitation if you have children at home, with a square in the center, and lots of Christmas motifs
  • An invitation to invite your loved ones to a winter party, with red sweaters
  • An invitation with a beautiful landscape of snowy houses
  • A very elegant invitation, with a black background and gold details
  • An invitation with a white background and mistletoe details
  • An invitation with a Christmas flower in red
  • An invitation with a mountain of gifts and a white background
  • An invitation with candy and gingerbread cookies
  • An invitation with blue and lilac Christmas stars
  • An invitation with Grinch as the main character, green, of course
  • An invitation with some beautiful drawn fir trees
  • A Christmas invitation in the purest Mexican style
  • An invitation in which you can insert your background family photo
  • An invitation with very minimalist Christmas balls
  • An invitation with three gift packages
  • A very curious invitation, with a reindeer inviting you to the ugly sweater party

christmas invitations

Creating a Christmas invitation through this service is super easy . In fact, as soon as you try it, you sure can't stop. All you have to do is access the page that we have indicated or go directly to the postcard you like, and then access the text editor.

You can make it as big or small as you need, just taking into account the drawing in the background or around it. You yourself will see how it looks better. As soon as you click on the button to modify the text, you will see that a nice menu is activated in which you can customize the text you enter, the color, the font, the size and the justification of the text. Also, if you can't come up with ideas to write the message, you can opt for the "Suggested messages" option. Too bad that in this case they are only in English.

Although, since we are at Christmas and we want to be generous with you, we propose some texts to add to your Christmas invitations. In this way, you will only have to copy and paste them to the card in question. Here we go:

Texts for Christmas Eve invitations

  • Dear García-Pérez family: this Christmas Eve we are waiting for you at our house (address here) to celebrate it together. We will have dinner and sing Christmas carols to welcome Christmas. We wait for you!
  • Hello family! As every year, you are invited to dinner on Christmas Eve at our house to enjoy the arrival of Christmas together. See you soon!

Texts for Christmas invitations

  • Merry Christmas! Next December 25 you are invited at home to celebrate Christmas. You can bring nougat, gifts and really want to have fun. We wait for you!
  • Dear family, this year we will also celebrate Christmas lunch at home, so you are invited. We wait for you!

christmas postcards

Cards and invitations for the New Year

Are you thinking of cards and invitations to congratulate the New Year? Well, in that case, you should know that you can also use this service to edit your invitations and save or print them to your liking . In fact, from here you can also customize them. Some of the most interesting are the following:

  • An invitation with a black background and gold letters, which you can modify with multiple colors
  • An invitation with mist, sparkles and sparkles
  • An invitation with a champagne ampoule and a couple of glasses
  • An invitation in golden colors and with many little stars
  • An invitation to the New Years party to celebrate
  • An invitation with gold polka dots and a totally white background
  • An invitation with Christmas balls and many colors 
  • An invitation with a couple of drinks to toast 2019
  • A square invitation with celebration confetti 
  • An invitation to celebrate a brunch on the last day of the year
  • An invitation with blue and gray colors and geometric shapes
  • An invitation to put a photo of yourself, your friends or family

Texts for New Year's Eve invitations

  • Hi Manolo! This year we celebrate New Year's Eve at our house (address here). You are invited to have a great time together and welcome the new year with friends. Don't miss us!
  • No plan for New Years Eve? This year at home and with the family! We invite you to spend the last night of the year at home (address here). We will have a great time. Happy Holidays!

Once you have chosen the invitation you like the most, personalized the text and added the colors that you like the most, you will only have to give the final touch to the invitation. You will have different options, all of them free. If you click on the Download button, you will be able to choose if you want to obtain the invitation generated in PDF or JPG format . Choose the option you want, according to your needs.

If you are going to send the congratulation through social networks or through messaging platforms such as WhatsApp , it is best to download the invitation in image. The document will be easily downloaded to your computer and you can send it as many times as you consider appropriate.

Another option is to print directly. If you have a printer connected, either via cable or WiFi, you can start printing instantly and have your postcards in hand right away . But if you prefer, you can do something else: send the invitation via email to your guests or use a social network as popular as Facebook.

This service is completely free, but if you want you can also subscribe to the paid version. What you will achieve with this method is to eliminate the watermark that appears on the postcards. Although we already tell you from now on that the watermark is practically imperceptible, so it will not bother you at all.

christmas invitation print

Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year invitations to print and personalize

Another interesting option is to download other types of Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year invitations . You can print them and you will see that, in fact, all the options that we present below have enough space so that you can write on them, after having them printed.

Here is a Christmas postcard with the typical colors: red, green and white, with a Santa Claus and a snowman. This other one is very similar, but only Santa Claus appears, although you will also have space to write. In this other Mickey Mouse and Minnie appear, so they are perfect for making a family Christmas invitation. These birds are also perfect to invite your friends or family to spend Christmas at your house. Or you can also use this Santa Claus to tell everyone close to you to come and enjoy a Christmas meal.

This other card is also very elegant. It contains some gifts and has plenty of space for you to write everything you need to put on the invitation. This greeting with a frame and the figure of Santa Claus has also seemed super endearing to us to welcome your loved ones in a celebration.

If you are one of those who prefer invitations or cards with a more graphic design , you may like these other cards that we have found much more. They all have a white background, but include space to write and some other detail - or rather, Christmas character - to make the invitation as Christmas as it has to be, but with a very contemporary touch: here you have an elf or Santa's helper, but if you prefer, you can download this other invitation with a reindeer. We have also found a minimalist Christmas tree. And another one a little different, but just as beautiful and charming.

Those who are fans of Mickey Mouse cartoons and all the characters from the Disney factory, here you have the congratulations you have been waiting for. Because here are all or, at least, the most important, having a great time at Christmas.

christmas invitation

Have you seen what other beautiful Christmas invitation? It is very original, because it imitates the design of a postcard of a lifetime. Here you can write the address of your guests and then handwrite the invitation message itself. We have found more Christmas postcards: to start one with many golden balls and with space in the center, to write.

If a more religious feeling seizes you, you can also download this invitation. In this, the most important characters of Christmas appear: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

printable christmas box

If you dare to do a craft, you also have another option. And it is this Christmas box to print. In the space reserved for the text, you can add the congratulations and then assemble the box. Inside you can include typical Christmas candies or sweets.

If you have a white or black marker, you can also take advantage of these postcards in red. One has a snowflake and plenty of room to write. If you don't like complicated invitations , you can download those two or, if you prefer, you can also take a look at these, ready to download and print: this one is completely white and has some colors, typical of Christmas: red and green And this one is super fun, because if you print it, then you can add your own photo in square format. If you also don't mind that the invitation is in English, you can also download this other one. Finally, we propose this one, which contains a snowman and is designed with a very fun style.

christmas cards

Christmas cards and invitations to color

Another interesting option is to offer the little ones in the house to participate in the creation of the Christmas invitations . What we propose below are Christmas invitations to color. All are designed so that the boys and girls paint as they like, following in the wake of their creativity.

For example, we have this first invitation, in which Santa Claus and his companions, the reindeer, appear . It has plenty of space to write everything you need for your guests and it can be folded in the center, so that inside, you can also draw pictures

Another thing you can do is use these templates to give your guests a point from the book, at the same time that you invite them to spend an evening with you with family or friends. What you can do is print these drawings and color them by hand , then laminate them and send them to the homes of all those who will be part of your feast.

But these aren't the only Christmas invitations you can download to color with. Here, for example, we've found an invitation that you can cut out, fold and paint, featuring a Christmas tree. In this one too, but it has a different drawing and is in vertical format. Here we have two children decorating the Christmas tree, a drawing that complements a completely blank postcard, ready to print, decorate and color.

We have found more invitations with Christmas candy, a chubby Santa Claus, a little angel surrounded by nature, a sock full of gifts or a snowman.

crown card

Ideas for making Christmas invitations by hand

Are you one of those who prefer to make your own Christmas invitations by hand?  Do you think it is better to offer yours a greeting and invitation card made by yourself? Well, in that case, we are going to provide you with a few ideas that we have found on the internet and that you can do, with some materials and a little skill. Surely if you look closely, the invitation for Christmas dinner looks great on you.

For example, you can create a Christmas tree using the remains of the tips of your colored pencils or use a little thread to create the figure of a reindeer, giving it a totally rustic touch. You can also create snowmen that bring the message of the invitation on the back, decorated Christmas balls that will later be used to hang on the tree, bags that can be used to wrap gifts or Christmas invitations.

We can create envelopes for invitation cards with a reindeer face, cards made with colored buttons as if they were Christmas balls, a beautiful Christmas tree in red tones, a postcard with a Christmas ball and another Christmas ball made with pearls .

A simple invitation card , but made with a lot of art. It is a kind of mistletoe wreath, which opens and contains a message inside. This other card also includes a Christmas tree, with red buttons hanging from it. This other invitation is a bit more difficult to create, but it turns out to be the most complete and beautiful. If you dare, maybe you can also create something similar.

We propose, on the other hand, these little trees the sea of ​​originals. On the back you can write the invitation message or, if you prefer to use more space, you can also paste the resulting tree on a red , white or black card, so that you can write all the necessary text for the invitation.

candy invitation

Can you imagine that the Christmas greeting included a small box of candy? Following this example that we propose, perhaps you can make this kind of little book yourself , so that in addition to the invitation, diners find this little gift.

Christmas images to use as congratulations

If you still haven't found the Christmas card you like, you can do something else. And it is to download a Christmas image that you find beautiful to print on a consistent paper. Then on the back, you can choose to write your message. It is a good idea if you have not been convinced by any of the postcards that we have proposed above. Thus, we offer you different types of images:

christmas scenery

Christmas landscapes

You can download, for example, a snowy and nocturnal landscape, another with Christmas characters, houses at night or a Christmas tree in the foreground. Here you have a large tree decorated with balls and lights, a snowy landscape with Santa Claus, a very curious winter landscape, a snowy village, a snowman, a totally snowy daytime town, a car in the middle of a snow landscape and some skaters at night and a snowman.


Christmas illustrations

To give a little more childish touch to the invitations, perhaps we can also download this type of illustrations. All the ones we propose are very well made and can be printed to later serve as a Christmas postcard or invitation . But let's get to the point, what kind of illustrations have we found? Here we have a penguin, a reindeer, a bear and an owl, dressed to go out to the snow, Santa Claus, a reindeer and other Christmas elements hanging by a clothespin, a united family, a precious snowman, a reindeer wishing for a very Merry Christmas, a Santa Claus with his elf doing just the same, a Santa Claus with a reindeer wishing us Merry Christmas, in English.

christmas print

We have also found some very original Christmas balls, some nice elves dancing to the sound of Christmas carols, a beautiful illustration of Santa Claus, two winter bears giving an endearing kiss, a snowy house, a lot of animal characters dressed for Christmas, a Christmas tree made up of many characters, Christmas gifts and socks, a somewhat scrambled Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a reindeer and some presents, a little more traditional drawings, a lot of colorful Christmas balls, a Christmas ball with a reindeer and snow inside, a pair of super colorful reindeer and some very endearing children, also dressed for Christmas.

Did you like all these Christmas invitations? If you have a service that may also be useful to us, you have the option to share it with us in the comments section.