Dyson Cinetic DC52

Dyson Cinetic DC52

The Dyson Cinetic DC52 is a first-rate vacuum cleaner that uses two of the revolutionary proposals of the British company Dyson . On the one hand, its powerful motor is combined with a system of cyclones that prevent the loss of suction of the equipment throughout its life cycle ( Dyson has tested with the dust equivalent to 10 years of cleaning). On the other hand, it has a filter that does not need to be washed, which greatly facilitates equipment maintenance tasks. All this with a futuristic and attractive design that facilitates its movement throughout the house. The Dyson Cinetic DC52 can be found in three configurations:Dyson Cinetic DC52 Allergy for 480 euros , Dyson Cinetic DC52 Allergy Parquet for 510 euros and Dyson Cinetic DC52 Multifloor for 560 euros. We tell you all the details of this vacuum cleaner in a thorough analysis.

Dyson Cinetic DC52

Cyclone system

Without a doubt, one of the great advances that Dyson has brought to home cleaning is its cyclone system . Traditionally, vacuum cleaners have opted for a bag system. But these types of devices had the great drawback of the loss of suction that occurs shortly after using them. The British company decided to end the bags and use a cyclone system. These cyclones generate a centrifugal stream of air that separates the dust and dirt particles . The smaller the size of the cyclone, the smaller the dust particles that can be cleaned. The problem is that these small cyclones have to deal with obstruction by dust. Dysonmanaged to solve this problem by making the tips of its cyclones oscillate and constantly move, so that the dust never gets stuck. On a practical level, this allows the company to ensure that the vacuum cleaner will not lose suction capacity throughout its lifetime (the British company has tested these vacuum cleaners with accumulated dust from 10 years of cleaning). In addition, this equipment is capable of aspirating very small particles down to 0.5 microns (it can for example aspirate pollen ). Without a doubt, a very important attraction to get a team that is durable and that can always function as the first day.

Dyson Cinetic DC52

Motor and hub

To carry out the cleaning tasks, we have a motor with a power of 1300W. This motor has a suction power of a maximum of  290AW , a remarkable capacity that makes it a very reliable equipment for day-to-day cleaning tasks. This is combined with a 2 liter capacity waste bin . As we said before, it is not necessary to have a filter to be washed, which makes cleaning tasks much easier. These are reduced to monitoring when the tank is full, unhooking it and then pressing a button so that the dirt falls directly into the garbage can.

Dyson Cinetic DC52

Design and brushes

It is clear from looking at this vacuum that it belongs to Dyson . The British company has a very particular way of doing things and creates really attractive and futuristic designs in all its models. And the Cinetic DC52 is no exception. As we can see, this model is dominated by the space silver gray color and by the design of its cleaning system. And is that thanks to a transparent cover we can see how the Dyson cyclone system works . More useful although not so spectacular is the design of the ball . The company has sacrificed the usual wheels for a larger circular body that is more stablecompared to traditional vacuum cleaners and that it is able to rotate more easily . In this way, the usual obstacles that we find at home, such as furniture, corners or doors, are better avoided. As for the cable, it has an extension of 6.5 meters , while the maximum reach of this vacuum cleaner is 10 meters . This is a figure that should be sufficient to comfortably clean each room. The full dimensions of the Dyson Cinetic DC52 are 50.7 x 26.1 x 36.8 inches and its weight stands at 7.8 kilos.

As for the brushes, this is the main difference we found in the three configurations of the Dyson Cinetic DC52 . The most affordable version Dyson Cinetic DC52 Allergy includes a versatile brush designed to tackle all types of floors. The Dyson Cinetic DC52 Allergy Parquet features a brush specifically designed for hard floors such as parquet. Finally, the Dyson Cinetic DC52 Multifloor incorporates a brush that uses nylon bristles and carbon fibers to deal more effectively with hard floors and carpets.

Price and reviews

As we have said before, the Dyson Cinetic DC52 is available in three different versions. On the one hand we have the Dyson Cinetic DC52 Allergy version , with a price of 480 euros. The next step is the Dyson Cinetic DC52 Allergy Parquet configuration , priced at 510 euros, while the most complete version with the Dyson Cinetic DC52 Multifloor carbon fiber brush is priced at 560 euros. In short, an all-terrain vacuum cleaner that has been the result of an investigation of more than six years. The British company has brought to the market several of these models that revolutionize the way in which cleaning is carried out, abandoning the idea of ​​the bagged vacuum cleaner for a more reliable and comfortable idea. The firm's cyclone system ensures that our vacuum cleaner will have the same suction power throughout its life cycle, something unthinkable not so long ago. In addition, both its bucket cleaning system and, above all, the non-need to clean the filter are really convenient.

Dyson Cinetic DC52

Dyson Cinetic DC52

ModelDyson Cinetic DC52


Dimensions50.7 x 26.1 x 36.8 cm
Weight7.8 kilos
ColorsGray body with orange, pink or red accents
OthersPermanent filter not washable


Type Bagless Sled Vacuum
Suction power290AW
SystemDyson Cyclone System


Type Dual Mode Brush for all floors, Carbon Fiber Turbine Brush or Parquet Brush
FeaturesCleaning hard floors, parquet or carpets

Cable and hub

Cable length6.5 meters
Scope 10 meters
Cube 2L capacity

Automatic cleaning with open button

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteDyson

Price from 480 euros