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When it comes to making diagrams and graphs , we can more or less get by with a little knowledge of Excel . But if we want to make a graph where maps appear , to show some kind of geographic distribution , things get more complicated, since that kind of design with drawings is not so easy to do . If you have found yourself in that position, and you have ended up doing a botch , you will appreciate this discovery that we bring you. This is Mapchart , a website designed specifically for this sole purpose, creating custom mapswith a totally professional result. We are going to explain a little how it works.

Choosing map

The first thing you have to do is narrow the margin of analysis. ¿ What area we want to compare or show? If we want to analyze the whole world , we have two options, a more simplified map and a more detailed one. If we want to analyze Europe , we have a complete current map, and then a second map set in the middle of World War II , specifically in 1938, designed for works of a historical nature . We also have a complete map of all the countries in Africa , the American continent and Asia .

If we want to analyze specific countries, we have to choose between Greece, Poland, Italy, Holland, Japan, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Australia and China , all divided by provinces or states. The US, UK and Canada deserve special mention  . The first can be shown in division of States, cities or districts. The second can be displayed with all provinces (includes Ireland ) or you can choose an electoral map. Finally, Canada can be chosen divided by provinces, by districts or on a single map with the US . It is clear that the creators of the page are Anglo-Saxon , given the level of detail it offers to these countries.



Once inside the map we have chosen, we enter a menu that allows us to perform various actions . The first is to color any of the differentiated units (provinces, states, cities), the color we want. We can also customize the background of the map and the dividing lines with colors to choose from.

Now we only have to complete the table with the legend . In the application we see the possibility of editing the title, as well as a number of blank spaces corresponding to each color that we have chosen. In this way we can relate each color with different information . We can change as many times as we want and order the legend as well as we want.

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To export

Once we have left the map as we want, we can only export it. Simply clicking on " Download Image ", the map will be downloaded in png format and high resolution , more than enough to print it or to use it in a Powerpoint .

In case we are going to make more maps with that color configuration , we can save it in a txt file so that, in the future, we only have to copy the content of that file in future maps, and thus we will have our desired configuration again instantly ready for new graphics .

As you can see, this page is extremely easy to use and with really professional results . If you need a map for your work or presentation, Mapchart is your page.