The Pactometer, do all the possible combinations to know who will rule after 26J


A new election just around the corner. A new campaign, debates, controversies and everything that surrounds any electoral period . On Sunday everything will end, or rather, everything will start again, because if things don't change much, we will be back in time for pacts . A kind of game of thrones but with our political leaders getting into a thousand arguments. Next Sunday, June 26 , we will have new results in our hands and it will be necessary to understand what can happen : with whom each of the forces can agree, what would happen if they abstained, if they voted yes or the opposite. In the times of the new politics we need a fundamental tool: the Pactometer . The journalist Antonio García Ferreras made him popular in La Sexta and the main socialists had a great time doing all kinds of impossible combinations. Now you can do it. Did you know that you can have a Pactometer on your mobile?


1. If you are concerned about the issue of pacts, you have to download the Elecciones 26J - Pactometer 2.0 application now . It is a free application that you can install in a few minutes on any Android mobile and tablet .

2. It is a light app that does not take up too much space and that you can have installed for several days on your phone without causing you any discomfort . Its operation is simple. As soon as you have it on your mobile, open the application and start with the pacts game.

3.  Click on one of the parties and then, touch in which column you want it to be: In Favor , Abstain or Against . Has arrived the time of truth. At the top you have the Group or Ungroup button , with which you can undo the confluences and mark them separately.

4. You can carry out checks to see how much certain parties add up and who would have to abstain to get Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias or Albert Rivera to be presidents. It is a pity that the tool does not have a more sophisticated indicator to know when we reach the parliamentary majority and we have, in short, more information regarding the pacts and agreements.

5. The deputies that for now appear in the application are those resulting from the 20D Elections , so that we are still facing invalid information for the next legislature. It is to be hoped that starting next Sunday, the application will be updated with the results of 26J and we can begin to formalize strategies and pacts.

If you prefer to try other tools, you can also go to the Pactometer of the newspaper El Mundo , which is more of the same but with drawings and clear information on when the absolute majority is reached. You also have the one from the Public newspaper, to be better used from the computer.