Problems with Google Drive, the service fails to log in

Problems with Google Drive, the service fails to log in

Are you having trouble accessing the files you have stored in Google Drive? It is not your connection. It's not your computer either. And it's not even a problem with your Google account. The search giant's cloud file service is down right now. As we have seen in Downdetector, since 7:00 p.m. (Spanish time) the Google Drive service is having problems .

The most commonly reported problems by users correspond to file management. The 53% of incidents reported discuss problems loading the files in Google Drive . Users also have problems synchronizing files , something that has been reported by 32% of users who have reported the incident to Downdetector. The latest incident concerns problems when entering the service , as 12% report problems logging in.

Problems also in the app

The problems with Google Drive do not only come in the web service. Many users report problems with the Google Drive application .

problems with Google Drive downdetector

If we review the map of the failure, logically these are all located in the United States, since the search giant is located in this country.

On the other hand, if we review the history of incidents we can see that it is not usual for Google Drive to fail . The earliest previous failure was detected on June 2, since the Google service had not failed. Not massively at least.

So if you have files in Google Drive that you need to access, you have no choice but to have some patience. These types of services, used by millions of people, do not usually fail for long. Therefore, it is logical to think that in the next few minutes it could be solved.