Unsubscribe Netflix, step by step guide to cancel your subscription

Unsubscribe Netflix, step by step guide to cancel your subscription

Netflix has become the streaming service par excellence in most homes. There are many of us who pay the subscription religiously, either individually or shared. Is it overpriced? That will have to be decided by each user, but the truth is that it offers a lot of content. In addition, it is a service that has no permanence, which means that we can cancel it at any time. For example, are you going on vacation in the next few months to a site without Internet and you will not be able to use it? No problem, you can unsubscribe and then recover the subscription. And that is precisely what we are going to teach you today, how to unsubscribe from Netflix .

Some services try to prevent us from unsubscribing at all costs. For this they complicate the process as much as they can. If they are online services, they can hide the unsubscribe button a lot to require that you send an email with a letter to cancel the service. Luckily, this is not the case with Netflix . The streaming service makes it really easy for us to cancel our subscription.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix

To unsubscribe from Netflix we will have to access our account through the service's website . Once identified, we click on the icon of our user (upper right part of the screen) and choose the Account option. If we usually access through the mobile application when we go to the "Account" option, it will directly open the web browser.

how to unsubscribe Netflix cancel

At the top of the screen we will have the payment information for our account. To the left of them you will see a gray button that says " Cancel membership ". To cancel the Netflix account we will only have to click on this button and confirm.

The account will not be terminated immediately. We will have until the end of the month to continue enjoying the service. That is, imagine that you have paid the fee on May 15, as you will have service until June 15.

Can it be done from a Smart TV ? Yes, although we will have to do it from your web browser. The applications do not have the option to cancel the account, so we will have to go to the web browser of the TV . It is always faster to do it from a computer or mobile.

Finally, we have the option of calling the Netflix customer service phone. The number is  900 866 616 and it is a free phone number. So now you know, you can unsubscribe from Netflix whenever you want and resume it after the summer.