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Ah, the humor! In these times (normal to run, things are fatal), humor becomes essential. Good memes and sharp jokes make bad drinks taste better , like barbecue sauce. After all, we are here to have fun. As I said Joaquín Sabina , "that the end of the world caught me dancing , " but if we get caught laughing too would be worth . No matter how your week went, we hope it improves with some of the funniest jokes and memes to share on WhatsApp , Facebook, or Twitter .

Christmas still rolls

It doesn't fail: if you meet someone at Christmas, it 's for lunch . It doesn't matter if you have a meeting at a quarter past seven, you can always have a snack-dinner! Therefore, the first New Year's resolution is always to diet to try to mitigate everything that we have wedged between chest and back. Although it is one thing to propose it and quite another, to achieve it .

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But, let's face it, eating is an irresistible pleasure.

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We also like to show off what the Three Wise Men have brought us . However, over time we become very materialistic. We should recover the illusion of when we were children .

wise men meme

But if something has shone in this feast of Kings , it is the slip of the reporter Í lvaro Ojeda, confusing the astronomer Nicolás Copérnico with the navigator Christopher Columbus . It is true that in the sixteenth century the look was very fifteenth century, but to criticize you have to have studied before , man.

You search for Copernicus on Google and Ojeda comes out. The 21st century is cock.

”” Gerardo tecé (@gerardotc) January 7, 2017

Cavalcade 2018, Madrid.

"" This time they don't catch me: HELLO COPÉRNICO.

"" I am Galileo!


”” On Thursday (@eljueves) January 7, 2017

- Hello Columbus

- That I am Copernicus

”” Max Power (@Maxxx_Powerr) January 7, 2017

Today is the boss

The best source of jokes is real life . Sometimes situations so macarronic occur that it is difficult to overcome them with a meme , but there are tireless geniuses who do not shy away from the challenge. Despite the risks .

The Simpsons also predicted Carrero Blanco.

”” Guillermo Garrido (@ guillel3) January 10, 2017

Haven't you heard that the Prosecutor's Office is asking for more than two years in prison for a joke about Carrero Blanco ? Well, social networks have exploded with this issue.

The Pujols don't make Carrero Blanco jokes in case they go to jail.

”” ˹ Ó Ë „ᶠ‰ á» ‹Æ'Æ â • šË„ cá »‹ Θ ~ ˼ (@MarifeLacion) January 12, 2017

What do Amancio Ortega and Carrero Blanco have in common?


”” Masa (@masademocrata) January 13, 2017

But you can always curl the curl . There are days when things happen so bizarre that we can hardly believe they are real . But they are, they are.

Meter of someone else's embarrassment exploding in 3, 2, 1…

”” Juan Miguel Garrido (@Juanmi_News) January 9, 2017

Star Wars is always current, even when it is not .

I found a photo of Chewbacca shaved !!

”” Maria de la 4ª vowel (@menchubasquero) January 7, 2017

Be that as it may, in just a few days Donald Trump will take office as President of the United States. There are those who say that the Apocalypse is going to be like a day in Port Aventura compared to the Trump presidency, but what are we going to laugh about!

Life Accordion To Trump

”” Huw Parkinson (@rabbitandcoffee) January 13, 2017

I never forget a face, but in his case ...

In the world of animation and video games, it is very common for us to confuse the name of a character with the name of the title in which it appears. In fact, Nintendo's plumber is named Mario, not Super Mario . He has already gotten used to it, but many others continue to fight for his identity, as the artist Sephko makes us see .

Zelda meme

Finally, we want to pay tribute to those brilliant anonymous minds , those unknown geniuses who make our lives happy with their works. Thank you!

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