The best Chrome extensions for YouTube

The best Chrome extensions for YouTube

If you are addicted to watching videos on YouTube, you cannot miss the best Chrome extensions for YouTube: indispensable tools to take full advantage of the most important video-sharing network in the world. All YouTube plugins are virus-proof and do not pose any danger to our equipment. All of them are hosted on the Chrome webstore. We begin.

To install any of these YouTube plugins, you just have to go to their page in the Google Chrome store and press the install button. That simple and easy.

The best Chrome extensions for YouTube

QueueTube for YouTube

If you are addicted to making lists of videos on YouTube, you are going to love this tool. It allows you to search for any video, in the background, while another is playing. That is, you go to a song, watch the video and, meanwhile, look for another without having to close windows. The extension is called QueueTube for YoutuTube and it works like this: you just type the words you want to search for, click on the magnifying glass and an external window will open with the results. Magic!

queuetube for youtube

Smart pause on your YouTube videos

With this YouTube plugin you can make any video you are watching on YouTube pause automatically the moment you change tabs. Ideal when you are viewing something that should not be on the wrong site. And we don't want to set an example. The video, of course, will play again the moment you return to the tab.

Adblock for YouTube

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to watch one and another and another YouTube video without the annoying ads that precede them? Well said and done. With this plugin you will avoid all those spots that interest you so little and go to the heart of the matter. Because time is money and we don't have it to waste with various promotions.

To avoid any video on YouTube you just have to install the Adblock for YouTube tool and enjoy videos without ads. We have tested it and yes, it works.

YouTube window

With the ' YouTube Window ' extension you can play a YouTube video in a floating window and adjust it wherever you want. You just have to install it and press the red arrow button that will appear in the playback window. Once you have pressed it, a floating window will open in which the video will be played at high resolution and with all the usual controls. The only bad thing is that there is no option for the video to always stay in the window


With this extension called Hovercards you will be able to watch a YouTube video, simply by placing the cursor over a link that you have written in a blog. You will not have to enter the page, simply place your cursor over the link and a window will open with the video in question. This plugin not only works with Facebook but it will also be able to read Soundcloud links, Instagram photos, Twitter bios, etc.

Video Blocker

With Video Blocker you can block any YouTube channel that you do not want to appear again in the recommendations section. In addition, you can put terms that you do not want to appear: imagine being watching Game of Thrones. The only thing you have to do to avoid swallowing any spoilers is blocking the term 'Game of Thrones'. No related videos will appear again until you wish otherwise.