Honor Band Z1, we have tested it

Honor Band Z1

The Honor Band Z1 is a smart accessory for all pockets. A gadget that sits halfway between a bracelet and a watch, with a circular dial design and 1-inch touch screen. When synchronized with the smartphone, the Band Z1 collects notifications from apps such as WhatsApp, Hangouts or email and vibrates when we receive a call. In addition, it has several options to control our physical activity from day to day. Step counter, running sessions, analysis of the quality of our sleep ... To manage these characteristics we have a dedicated app from Huawei (company that owns the Honor brand) with an attractive and easy-to-use interface. And all this with asubmersible design and autonomy of up to four days of use . The Honor Band Z1 is now available for a competitive price of 80 euros . We have tested this gadget, we tell you our impressions.

Honor Band Z1

A reader for WhatsApp notifications

Reading WhatsApp or Hangouts messages, incoming calls, other app notifications

One of the main tasks of Honor's smart watch is to prevent us from reaching into our pockets for our smartphone every two minutes. Once we synchronize it with the mobile, when a WhatsApp message or an incoming call arrives we can see them directly on its small screen. The synchronization is done through Bluetooth 4.0 and the control of the applications that show notifications from the dedicated app (we will talk about it in another section).

With the Honor Band Z1 you can read complete messages from WhatsApp or Hangouts

One of the advantages with which this watch comes to us is that it is capable of showing the complete messages that come from both WhatsApp and Hangouts. In this way, we can be aware of the conversations without having to unlock the phone. Something more limited is shown when displaying emails, since we can only see sender data and the subject of the message. It will also show us the incoming calls with the contact information and the possibility of picking up or hanging up the call. Of course, when it comes to talking we will have to do it through the telephone (it does not have a speaker or microphone). What it does integrate is a vibration function that is activated every time a notification arrives.

The operation has seemed correct to us throughout the time that we have used the watch, without any notification being lost in oblivion. Of course, it is true that there are times when the notification takes a few minutes to reach the screen of the Band Z1.

Honor Band Z1

A bracelet to keep you fit

Step counter, calories burned, running session, sleep log

Another of the points that cannot be missing in a smartwatch are the functions aimed at daily exercise . The  Honor Band Z1 is somewhat limited when compared to models like the Huawei Watch , but it does the job. To do this, it is centered around its pedometer, a sensor capable of measuring the number of steps we take throughout the day. Users only have to start walking and the bracelet will automatically count the steps during the day. Every night at twelve the counter is reset to zero. From the clock itself we can also see the number of calories that have been burned with our exercise.

In addition to the rides, we have the option of starting a race training session . The user can stop the session at any time and resume it later or terminate it completely. At the end of the session, the gadget will show us both the time we have been running, the steps we have taken and the calories burned . It is a fairly simple but very useful tool for those occasions when we go out to run and we do not want the data to get mixed up with the rest of the steps of the day.

The Honor Band Z1 automatically determines when we are sleeping

Apart from its functions dedicated to sports, the  Honor Band Z1 also includes a specific function to measure the quality of our sleep . This function is reviewed through the dedicated Huawei Wear app (we will talk about it in the next section). Through the screen itself we can see the hours of sleep accumulated in the last day, without specific details about the quality of it. What the Band Z1 does in this case is to measure our movements and analyze which are the periods in which we are sleeping automatically, without the user having to "warn" when they are going to start sleeping. Something that does happen with other models such as the Samsung Gear S2. In theory it is a more comfortable option, but when using this accessory we have found that sometimes it confuses the periods lying on the sofa watching a movie with real minutes of sleep.

Huawei Wear

Huawei Wear, an excellent app

Clean interface, step targets, sleep quality analysis

The truth is that the  Honor Band Z1 would be very lame if it weren't for the dedicated Huawei Wear app . A free application that is available for both Android and iOS (from Android 4.4 KitKat and from iOS 7). The first thing that catches the attention of Wear is a very clean and intuitive interface, which is immediately hooked. Once we have registered the bracelet, the synchronization with the mobile is carried out practically automatically and in a few seconds. By the way, instead of the name "Honor Band Z1" in the app appears "Huawei Band", a small error that should be corrected in future updates.

From here we can take a more detailed account of the steps we take with the Band Z1. At a first glance, we have the steps we have taken so far during the day, along with the calories burned in the smallest. One of the things which we think adds much is the comparison of those calories to a specific food . For example, today I have walked 2,000 steps and the mobile shows me that this calorie consumption is similar to that of an ice cream. Without a doubt, a nice way to put an easier measure to understand our exercise. We also have data on the time we have walked and the distance traveled.

The Huawei Wear app has a very clean and attractive interface

If we click on the circle where it says "Physical activity" we will go to a new window where the steps collected over the hours are shown. We also have a more general view on our activity throughout the month. This panel shows the average steps and also the average hours of sleep each night. It is a very visual and useful tool . Of course, we have missed an intermediate view with the data collected in a week.

As we have anticipated before, another of the key functions of this watch is the sleep recording . Huawei Wear shows us a panel with the hours slept the night before, an assessment of the quality of sleep (in my case, bad) and the time divided between deep sleep and light sleep. Finally, we can see the times that we have woken up to go to the bathroom or simply to stir the sheets.

From this app we can also mark inactivity reminders or alarms . By the way, alarms can work intelligently. That is, if our sleep is light, they can wake us up a few minutes earlier so that the process is less painful (than if we are immersed in deep sleep).

Honor Band Z1

Design and interface

1-inch touchscreen, tri-color strap, no physical buttons

The  Honor Band Z1 uses a circular shaped dial designed in stainless steel . The dial is curved on the outer edge, and has a fairly compact format. That makes this gadget ideal for smaller wrists, as it is not as flashy as other models with a larger dial. This minimalist look is complemented by three different configurations according to our tastes. Two of them have a silver dial and white or cream straps, while the third configuration opts for a black dial and a strap in the same color.. Precisely, when talking about the straps we have to highlight that they are made of plastic, which makes the skin breathe worse and marks more easily. What we did like is the rhombus-shaped design . According to the company, it is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism (something that, personally, does not tell me much).

Complete measures of the Honor Band Z1 are placed in  244.4 x 38 x 9.5 mm , with a very light weight of 25 grams . The watch does not have any kind of physical button (except for a small slot to reset the device). To finish with the design section, it should be noted that this accessory is IP68 certified . On a practical level, that means we won't have to worry if the watch gets sand stained or gets wet from the rain. Honor states that we can submerge this gadget up to 1.5 meters without causing any damage. Of course, it must be taken into account that it has not been designed for swimming in the sea or in the pool.

The screen of the Honor Band Z1 is placed at 1.06 inches , with a resolution of 128 x 128 dots. This screen is of the OLED type in black and white  and it turns on (in theory) when we press twice with the finger. And we say in theory because on several occasions it has been made to beg when we have pressed it repeatedly. This lack of precision is also carried over to the interface, which somewhat muddies the usual gadget experience. Huawei (Honor) has opted for its own system that uses movements towards the four cardinal points to access the different functions. What we liked most about the interface is the inclusion ofsmall animated icons with the steps taken, the calories burned (the icon of a flame) or the exercise sessions.

At the customization level, users can choose between various types of clocks (some digital and some analog).

Honor Band Z1

Remarkable autonomy 

Up to four days of use, 10 minutes of charge for a full day

The Honor Band Z1 incorporates a 70 milliamp battery . According to Honor data , this watch can last up to four days of use on a full charge. Our experience has been somewhat more humble, between two and three days, but still it is a fairly competitive time. In addition, one of the features that Honor has wanted to highlight the most is the ability to get up to a day of use with only 10 minutes of charge . Be that as it may, the full charge of the watch can be done in an hour and a half.

Honor Band Z1

Price and reviews

Very competitive price of 80 euros, good battery, poor touch response

The Honor Band Z1 is already available in the market for a price of 80 euros . It is a competitive cost that can make it a good gift to look good with your partner, friends or family. In addition, its design is elegant and minimalist , ideal for people with a small wrist. It reaches a good time of use (between two and three days) and has the important reinforcement of a dedicated Huawei app for both Android and iOS. On the negative side, its panel has a tactile response that leaves a lot to be desired, and that can make the experience of this gadget much worse.

Honor Band Z1 datasheet

BrandHuawei Honor
ModelHonor Band Z1
TypeSmart bracelet


Size1.06 inch
Resolution128 x 128 pixels
Density171 dots per inch


Dimensions244.4 x 38 x 9.5 mm
Weight25 grams
MaterialStainless steel
ColorsWhite / Black / Cream
belt Plastic, matching the dial
WaterproofYes, water and dust resistant (IP68 certified)


Physical activityStep meter

Stroke meter

Calorie meter

Exercise session

Sleep quality Yes

Read WhatsApp messages

Read Hangouts messages

Emails received

Incoming calls


Others -


Operating systemOwn system
Control appHuawei Wear

Steps goal

Distance traveled


Do not disturb mode

Bracelet updates

Inactivity reminders

Synchronization with MyFitnessPal


CPU processor-
Graphics processor (GPU)-


Internal memory512 KB


Mobile NetworkNot
GPS locationNot
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0
ConnectorBase with magnetic charger
AudioVibration only


Capacity70 mAh
Duration in useUp to four days of use

14 days on rest

Loading timeAbout 1.5 hours for full charge

10 minutes for a full day

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteHonor

Price: 80 euros