The story behind the cat taking selfies on Instagram

The story behind the cat taking selfies on Instagram 1

It's not just monkeys who take selfies. The fury of photographic self-portraits spreads in the animal kingdom, even reaching our feline friends. This is the case with this cat named Manny. One fine day, without his owner knowing exactly how, he learned how to operate a GoPro camera. And since then, he hasn't stopped taking selfies. Although not only him: he has become a kind of 'cat spiritual leader' for the rest of the family members who, to make matters worse, are dogs. And so they appear, as if they were the cover of a rap album and they, of course, dangerous rappers from the ghetto.

The story behind the cat taking selfies on Instagram 2

Meet Manny, the cat who takes selfies

In total, Yorem Ahm's family consists of 4 dogs and 4 cats, Manny being clearly the most intelligent of all. Here we can see how one day they had the great idea to make a video call… with a neighboring donkey.


Nor does he miss the opportunity to take selfies in monuments around the world, such as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.


Yes, we know it's a montage, but let reality spoil a good story for you. We must note, however, that the rest of the photos shown here are NOT a montage: Manny knows how to handle a GoPro . And better than many humans. What are Manny and his doggy friend up to in the next snapshot? Nothing good, for sure. Nothing good.

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Manny is always the main character in family photos. And although dogs want their share of the limelight, the feline always stands out above them.


His selfie technique is so refined that he could very well be considered the first influencer cat in history. Tremble Dulceida!


Sometimes Manny wants to take a picture of his friends but as always he has the front camera activated , of course… Then comes the scares. And if not, look at what a snapshot.


And you can't miss the amazing wig show featuring Manny's litter of dog friends. Here you can see them in all their splendor. If RuPaul saw them, he would sign them for the new season of his show.


We leave you, then, with a gallery of Manny, the cat who takes selfies . Isn't it to be eaten?