Fortnite celebrates its birthday with a new weapon and cakes on the map

Fortnite celebrates its birthday with a new weapon and cakes on the map

Fortnite turns two years old and Epic Games, the game's developer company, has decided to celebrate it in style. The new content update for the video game comes with a new heavy weapon, cakes scattered throughout the map, gifts and more news that we tell you below.

One of the main novelties of this new update is the inclusion of gifts in Fortnite. It is a legendary type item that will appear on the map. If we open it we will have access to different boots . These gifts can be found in chests, floor loot, vending machines, supply drops, and llamas. In addition to gifts, there are birthday cakes scattered all over the map. These give us 5 shield and 5 health. Both cakes and gifts are only available in classic Battle Royale modes, as well as some limited-time modes.

New marksman rifle comes to Fortnite

Beyond gifts and cakes, the new update also brings a new weapon. Specifically, a Storm Scout Sniper Rifle. This shooter allows you to see where the next storm circle is going to close . So we can run to the safe zone and build our fort. It is available in epic (purple) and legendary (gold) variant with a damage of 81 and 85 respectively and 202 and 212 if we shoot in the head. Use heavy ammo.

Of course, new challenges are added related to the Fortnite anniversary . You can enter the game to explore the different levels and rewards.

There is also new in creative mode with new galleries and objects for construction. In the case of Save the World mode, new weapons are added to the Weekly Store.

The new version of Fortnite (v.9.41) is now available and does not require maintenance. You may need to download an update, but it is not very heavy. It is now available on all platforms.

Via: Epic Games.