5 billing programs for freelancers

5 billing programs for freelancers

Do you need help to manage the invoices of collections and freelance payments? Fortunately, there are many online tools that make filing and filing a lot easier. Take note of these 5 billing programs for freelancers .

1. Quipu, one of the most complete

Quipu is one of the most complete billing programs on the market . It can be used to manage invoices for freelancers, but also for small businesses. In addition, it is available in a web version and in a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Once the Quipu account is created, we will be able to manage all the billing according to the different sections in the menu:

  • Overview . Shows the current status of the accounts for the billing period: expenses and income, invoices pending collection, etc.
  • Income . In this section we will find the records of all the invoices issued, ordered, and with the key data of each one: date of issue and expiration, customer, base amount, total amount, etc. In addition, each invoice paid will be highlighted in green, and those that we have not yet collected will be shown in yellow.
  • Expenses . In this section it is possible to manage the invoices for deductible expenses, indicating in each case if VAT deduction is applied, and with separate categories.
  • Expense reader . This is one of the main attractions of Quipu, since it allows you to analyze tickets and purchase invoices just by taking a photo from your smartphone.

quipu billing expenses

In addition to these sections, Quipu offers other very interesting functions, such as the possibility of creating and storing contacts or concepts for invoices . In this way, the process of issuing invoices for recurring customers or recording supplier expenses that are repeated over time is greatly facilitated.

In the first days using Quipu it is necessary to start up many elements and configure parameters so that the entire system adapts to the needs of each professional. However, once the data has been stored it saves a lot of time issuing invoices and recording expenses .

On the other hand, the invoice templates are very attractive and complete , and they give a very professional touch to customers.

Finally, with Quipu we can let the program automatically calculate the boxes of the tax forms (models 303, 390, etc.). To fill in the quarterly returns , it will only be necessary to copy the figure for each section in the official Treasury document.

The main drawback to this billing program, however, is the price. For a freelancer with standard billing levels, Quipu costs 12 euros + VAT per month or 132 euros + VAT per year.

The advanced plan, which has other extra features, costs € 25 + VAT per month or € 275 + VAT per year.

2. Sage One, a system to integrate billing and consulting

One of the main advantages of Sage One is its variety of combined billing and consulting plans for freelancers and SMEs, depending on the needs of each user.

Sage One is a very complete billing program , and is very similar to Quipu in terms of available features. It is the best option if you want to unify expenses and have advice in the same package, which greatly reduces costs.

sage one freelance billing

Sage One's Basic Freelance Billing Plan is available for € 10 per month . And by registering in the Sage Accounting program, you can manage expenses and income from your mobile, with the app for Android and iOS.

3. Debtor, with integration of bank movements

Although many freelance billing programs integrate with bank accounts to synchronize movements , sometimes it is an incomplete or separate payment function.

In the case of Debitoor, integration with the bank allows the creation of automatic tasks and the management of bank movements together with invoices and expense tickets.

debitor autonomous invoices

In addition to the billing and accounting options, with Debitoor you can add extra modules to get more out of it in certain businesses. We can integrate the tool, for example, with WooCommerce , which allows us to manage the sales invoices of an online store.

Debitoor can be used from the browser or with the mobile applications for iOS and Android.

4. Selfconta, with free billing plan

Selfconta is a billing program with a free plan for freelancers who have a small volume of bills.

selfconta billing freelancers

In the free version, you can create invoices and control expenses, income and pending charges. Other functions, such as the preparation of tax templates, are not available, but can be contracted with the professional plan of € 10 per month .

5. Infoautonomous billing software

The Infoautónomos platform also offers billing and accounting resources for freelancers and SMEs .

The main advantage of this program is the ease of use, since it is a very intuitive platform, with simple functions that can be handled in a few steps. Also, as with Sage One, payment plans can be combined with personalized advice to save money.

But the software also has some limitations, such as: it does not have an application for iOS (it only has for Android) and the invoice templates are much simpler and less visually attractive.

infoautonomous freelance billing

For the rest, the Infoautonomous system is quite complete and offers what is necessary to control the invoicing and accounting of a small company.

The basic plan costs € 6 + VAT per month , and the full plan (for unlimited invoices) costs 9 + VAT per month. When hiring an accounting service, the billing software is included in the price: € 30 + VAT per month in the basic mode and € 50 + VAT per month for the most complete advice (includes the Income Statement in charge of the agency).