How to search in Windows 8

Search in Windows 8

Microsoft's new operating system represents a major facelift for the Windows platform , especially in the interface and in the way in which it interacts with the system. One of the tools that the software company has improvedis the search. If until now this function could only be accessed through the explorer or the start menu, with Windows 8 search becomes a tool available from any system screen. In addition, contextual search within certain applications has been improved. We tell you how to search through Windows 8 .

There are two main ways to access this tool from anywhere. On the one hand, we can use the key combination Windows + Q . On the other hand, it is also possible to use this function by dragging the mouse to one of the corners on the right side of the screen and then clicking on the icon in the shape of a magnifying glass. In the right area we will find the box to carry out the search and a list with the different places and options through which we can search. By default, if we start writing the system will crawl inside the installed applications.

The other two general options are to search through the system settings and to perform a specific search within the files on the computer. One of the points that represents a major advance and attractiveness compared to previous versions of Windows is the possibility of searching through different applications. For example, use the Bing search engine to find a web page on the net (without having to open the program first) or search for the name of an application in the Windows store. To do this, simply select the desired application and then write inside the box.

Windows 8

No obstante, en el caso de querer una búsqueda avanzada con parámetros como el tamaño del archivo o la fecha de modificación deberemos utilizar la herramienta de búsqueda que se integra dentro del explorador en el escritorio. Hay que destacar que esta función también ha recibido una notable mejora respecto a la búsqueda de Windows 7, tanto en las opciones disponibles como en la rapidez de uso. Cuando abrimos el navegador dentro de la app de escritorio, en la parte superior derecha nos aparecerá un pequeño recuadro. Si empezamos a escribir se realizará la búsqueda de manera automática.

With the search box selected, a new tab appears in the toolbar with the name “Search”. When we click on it, we access a series of search options such as file size, file modification date or file type among an extensive list of options (such as documents, music or even instant messages). All this with enough clarity and ease of use . Without a doubt, the search tools are one of the most outstanding aspects that we find in Windows 8 , despite the little impact that these and other improvements have had (obscured by the controversial inclusion of the Metro touch interface).