Asus Zen AiO S, all-in-one PC with 4K panel

Asus Zen AIO S

The Asus Zen AIO S is an all-in-one computer from Asus that incorporates a set of top-notch features. Starting from its 23.8-inch IPS panel , which can be reinforced through a 4K UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. In addition, one of the latest sixth generation Intel Core processors that make their appearance these days will be included in its guts , along with a RAM memory of up to 32 GB. Additionally, this all-in-one computer will be the first of these devices to feature a USB type 3.1 port ,a protocol that doubles the data transfer speed of USB 3.0 (and multiplies the transfer rates of USB 2.0 by twenty). All this with the new Windows 10 operating system and with an elegant gold brushed aluminum design that gives it a very distinguished touch. This model will hit the market in the coming weeks for a starting price of 1,100 euros . We tell you the details.

Without a doubt, one of the great attractions of this team is its 23.8-inch IPS panel . And it is that users may choose a resolution Full HD standard of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels , or choose to make the jump to a screen 4K UHD with 3,840 x 2,160 resolution pixels that quadruples the level of detail. As always, the use of an IPS panel favors viewing angles of up to 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. The Taiwanese company also wanted to highlight the wide range of colors that the panel covers with 100% of the sRGB space, 85% of the Adobe RGB space and 82% of the NTSC space.

Asus Zen AIO S

In the bowels of this team we will find one of the latest 6th generation Intel Core processors that have just been officially presented. The basic version will feature a dual-core Intel Core i3-6100T , while the intermediate version goes up to the quad-core Intel Core i5-6400T chip . Finally, the most advanced configuration will feature a quad-core Intel Core i7-6700T chip . These chips will be combined with a RAM memory with a maximum of 32 GB. Nor could this high-end PC lack the use of a dedicated graphics card to improve its performance in games and graphics applications. In this case, we can opt for an NVIDIA GeForce GTX950Mwith up to 2 GB of RAM or by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M with up to 4 GB of dedicated memory.

In the storage section, we can choose from configurations that combine a 1 TB hard drive with a 128 GB or 512 GB SSD memory to a last generation M.2 PCIe SSD memory with 512 GB capacity, passing through a hybrid memory of 1TB GB flash 8 format . Another of the strengths of this model is that it is the first of its kind to come with a USB 3.1 port , a protocol that doubles the data transfer speed of USB 3.0. We will also have four USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 port for devices that do not need more speed. Connections are completed with an HDMI 2.0 port, an Ethernet port, WiFi AC or Bluetooth 4.0.

Within the multimedia section, Asus wanted to highlight the quality of its audio system with 6 speakers and a total audio power of 16 W. In addition, it integrates a camera with Intel Real Sense technology to capture objects and faces in three dimensions that are put in front of the camera. All this with an elegant design in polished gold aluminum and with a total weight of 7.3 kilos . The Asus Zen AIO S will arrive in the Spanish market in the coming weeks for a starting price of 1,100 euros.