Advantages of LG InstaView, the refrigerator with screen in the door

Advantages of LG InstaView, the refrigerator with screen in the door

When you were little you imagined the future, you thought about the flying cars in your city. In the pills that would provide us with all the necessary food. And maybe in refrigerators like the ones LG now proposes? We are talking about the new LG InstaView technology , with which users can see what they have inside the fridge, without having to open the door.

How many times have you spent several minutes with the refrigerator door open without knowing what you want to snack on? Or even hoping to find the perfect ingredient for the stew you are preparing? LG InstaView can become an interesting solution to not lose energy . And in short, take a much smarter control of the food you have stored.

Energy saving 

Did you know that almost half the time the refrigerator is opened meaninglessly? If you are one of those who spend time in front of the open refrigerator, you should know that you are also wasting energy and time in vain. The new LG InstaView technology makes things much easier for us and avoids us opening the fridge again and again to see what we have.

According to LG's calculations, this technology allows us to reduce cold air loss by up to 46%. Although in the end, the savings will depend, in part, on the amount of time that we have the refrigerator door open.

Good control of your pantry

LG InstaView allows users to see what's in the refrigerator just by 'knock-knock' on the door. And why can this be useful to us? Well, to verify what we have to eat , checking the ingredients before starting to cook. Or before going out to do the shopping. In this way, it is easier to make the list with all those foods that we need.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that these refrigerators equipped with LG InstaView technology also work linked to the App SmarthinQ application . Thanks to this tool, users will also be able to remotely control certain functions of the refrigerator. And do it through your mobile phone, with a WiFi connection.

Advantages of LG InstaView

Choose your whims well

We often open the refrigerator to take a look at what we have. And give us a whim. If all you need is to take a look at the food you have stored in the fridge, the LG InstaView feature will also come in handy . Because you can quickly check what you can or want to drink.

Other cool features

LG's connected fridges have other interesting advantages. One of the most important is LG's Inverter Linear Compressor technology, also designed to reduce energy consumption, saving up to 32% more energy . This can help users better preserve food, thanks to optimal temperature control inside the refrigerator.

They also include Magic Crisper, a special compartment with a lattice structure, which allows condensation and evaporation, with an optimal humidity level. So you can keep fruits and vegetables 20% fresher even after seven days.

The LG GSX961NSAZ model, one of those that enjoys LG InstaView technology , also has Pure N Fresh technology, an activated carbon deodorizing filter that purifies the air. Which is undoubtedly very useful when it comes to absorbing bad odors. It also has an aperitif corner, to preserve food at 3.5 degrees, a bottle rack for four bottles at 4 degrees. And a self-diagnosis system.

It is a tool that can transmit incidents to the technical service directly . Which will allow users to save time and money. This refrigerator, for example, is on sale for about 2,500 euros. You can find it right now at El Corte Inglés.