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To speak of Dyson is to speak of excellence. That is what the British company is looking for in all the equipment it launches on the market. Fans, vacuum cleaners, robot cleaners or even hair dryers ( Dyson Supersonic ). All of them are manufactured with the latest in design and technologies to bring the best to our home. Like the Dyson Pure Hot And Cool , a device that works both as a fan and as a heater. With a compact size, this model takes advantage of the air multiplier technology ( Air Multiplier ) of the British company to offer us a design without blades . And all this controlled from a small remote control ... ORthrough our mobile or tablet anywhere. Of course, as usual, to get the Dyson Pure Hot And Cool we  will have to carry out a significant investment that is not available to all budgets. Its official price reaches 600 euros. We have had the opportunity to test this equipment in depth, these are our impressions.

Dyson Hot And Cool

A very versatile team

Without a doubt, one of the main keys to the Dyson Pure Hot And Cool is its versatility. This model will help you to have your living room or bedroom in perfect condition throughout the year. On the one hand, the Hot + Cool has as its most prominent function the purification of the air . In large urban centers, the quality of the air we breathe leaves much to be desired. But also if we have smokers at home, the smell of tobacco and the harmful effects of smoke can be more than annoying. The Dyson Pure Hot And Cool purifies the air automatically, in any of the modes that we start. We will discuss this function in detail later.

For the hottest months of the year, we have the fan function , which helps to cool the room. This model incorporates up to 10 power levels, from a gentle breeze to a powerful jet of air. Even more interesting is its use as a heater . This compact gadget incorporates a powerful motor that will help us to have a warm room. For small and medium-sized rooms, the Dyson heater can easily replace larger heaters, and even serve as a substitute for regular heating systems at specific times . In fact, it is an excellent option for areas like the Spanish Levante, in which we have few weeks a year in which extra heat is really necessary.

Dyson Hot And Cool

An excellent purifier

You have to admit it. It seems incredible that a device as compact as the Dyson Pure Hot And Cool is capable of cleaning the air in a room so efficiently. To do this, it takes advantage of Dyson's Air Multiplier technology that draws the surrounding air into the device. Its HEPA 360 filter made of fiberglass is capable of trapping up to 99.5% of the pollutant particles and allergens that float in the air inside the house with a minimum size of 0.1 microns. Here we are not just referring to tobacco smoke , which we talked about at the beginning. We also talk about pollen, dander from our pets' hair, bacteria or contaminantsthat pass from the street to the interior of the house. The fact that it is a 360 filter refers to its ability to trap polluting particles in all directions . Personally, one of the aspects that has surprised me the most about the British company's team is its performance when it comes to eliminating bad odors. Specifically, we ran a test with two smokers in the same fan room, and in just over five minutes the Dyson Pure Hot And Cool was able to completely eliminate this odor.

Dyson Hot And Cool

The gadget incorporates a sensor to measure the air quality of the room. The user has the possibility to manually mark the power at which he wants the air to be purified. However, a more comfortable option is to use the automatic function and let the device itself set the corresponding speed. When the air is optimal, we will see an A in green. If it is not, A is kept blank. Through the Dyson Link app, we will be able to know these levels in more detail and carry out a more intuitive control of the purifier (we will talk about the app later). In the previous example we mentioned about the two smokers, it took a couple of minutes for the device's sensor to detect a loss of air quality. The smell of tobacco remained very low during the test itself, and was completely gone two minutes after we finished smoking. At the peak of the automatic mode, a power of 6 out of 10 was reached ,but after five minutes this value gradually decreased and the air was completely cleaned in a time of approximately 20 minutes. Something to note about this automatic mode is that it opts for comfort with a slower but quieter process to purify the air, especially at times when the level of air pollution is low.

Regarding the duration of the HEPA filter , the company has created it to be able to withstand continuous use of four hours a day for a whole year. That allows us to greatly lengthen the time between change and change.

Dyson Hot And Cool

Fan and heater

The British company is the forerunner of bladeless fans and heaters. This is achieved thanks to its Air Multiplier technology . The digital motor of the equipment attracts the surrounding air and makes it rotate inside the device. The design of its metal ring allows the air to multiply its speed and escape to the outside in a constant jet, much more than what is achieved in a fan with blades. The case design is very efficient and considerably reduces the noise of the Dyson Pure Hot And Cool . If we do not need much ventilation or heating, the equipment up to power level 5 generates a low and quite pleasant noise.Of course, at higher power levels the noise is somewhat annoying.

Dyson Hot And Cool

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool  has this basic ventilation function by moving the air that is already in the room, but it is also capable of heating the air and generating a constant jet to increase the temperature of the room. And its good work is surprising considering that it is a more compact heater. As is normal, every time the room temperature rises one degree it will be more difficult to achieve a higher temperature. To regulate this function we can mark both the air expulsion power and the thermostat temperature we want to reach. In our case, we did a test in a small-sized room and it managed to bring the temperature from 22 degrees to 28 degrees in 50 minutes(with full power). It took him only ten minutes to climb the first two degrees, while the following jumps were increasingly spaced. The fact that the air jet is so uniform is very pleasant, and it is not too hot, so you can be quite close to the device without feeling discomfort.

Dyson Hot And Cool

Connection with the app

We live in times in which more and more gadgets connect with our smartphone. The Pure Hot + Cool  is no exception, being able to connect through the Dyson Link app . This synchronization allows us to configure the purifier so that it connects to the home network and we can access it from any corner. The app in question has a fairly clean interface and it is easy to get hold of the controls. On the main screen we can manually configure our location with the official air quality data. Just below we have the drawing of a house with our purifier, and the state of the air. When the air is good, the house will appear green, while the acceptable mode has a light orange color and the bad mode a dark orange color bordering on red. In case we get to a very bad air situation, the color will be red .



Right at the bottom of the house we find two buttons that allow us to access the main functions of the purifier . The button on the left gives us access to the statistics of the activity of the purifier and the quality of the air measured in our house throughout the days and weeks. The second button is used to access a control panel with the equipment options. Thus, for example, we can change the operating mode between off, automatic and on. We also have access to the speed of the air jet, the cold and heat mode and a thermostat with the temperatureto be achieved. Finally, we can turn the oscillation on or off, choose between a centered or diffuse airflow, a timer (between 15 minutes and 4 hours) and the night mode. Here we have missed that there is some kind of signal that the connection and the change of characteristic has become effective.

The options of the app are completed with a very useful tool to program the operation of the Dyson Pure Hot And Cool , a product guide to learn about its possibilities and a configuration section. By the way, from here you can review the useful life that the HEPA filter still has (4,300 hours of use).

Dyson Hot And Cool

Very neat design and remote control

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool has a design that follows the modern line of Dyson equipment . It is a compact model that fits easily in any corner of the house and that opts for a circular format at the base (to be able to take advantage of the HEPA filter in all directions and the Air Multiplier technology itself) and elongated in the area of ​​the ring. His height is 63 centimeters and he weighs 3.8 kilos. It is available in two different colors, in metallic blue (the unit we have tested) and in gray. The equipment incorporates a metal grill that protects the HEPA filter from any contact that could impair its performance. If there is a problem with the design of this team, it could be that it is too pretty. The problem with this clean design with the hole in the center is that it is easy for the smallest of the house to forget that we are dealing with a heater in which the area of ​​the metal ring heats up considerably.

Dyson Hot And Cool

By the way, we can manually tilt the Dyson to get it in the best position. It is a simple but mechanical function to carry out, something that is one step below the automation that the rest of the functions of this purifier have.

Dyson Hot And Cool

The command follows the same line as the rest of the team. It is compact and with a slight curve on the sides that makes its grip more comfortable. It is magnetized, so that once we are not using it we can rest it on the top of the Pure Hot + Cool  and it will remain fixed. In total, it has 12 different buttons to control the purifier. At first, it can be a bit confusing, but after knowing the meaning of each button the control becomes simple. The first of the buttons is used to turn the equipment on and off. In the same line we have a button to start controlling the purify function. Below we have a column with buttons to lower and raise the power of the air and to lower and raise the temperatureof the thermostat to which we want the room. The next AUTO button marks this mode to purify the air automatically, while the accompanying button on the right is used to start or stop the oscillation.

The two buttons that can generate more questions are the following. In the case of the elongated cone, it is used to mark that we want a more intense but focused jet of air, while the one that accompanies it serves to distribute the air in a more general way. The last two buttons are to activate the timer and to start the night mode , which works in a smoother and more spaced way so as not to disturb us during sleep hours.


Price and reviews

The Dyson Pure Hot And Cool is priced at 600 euros. This is the main one but that can be wielded to this purifier, since it is a cost that takes it away from most pockets. However, if you have the money for this investment, you will find a compact, beautiful and very powerful gadget , with enormous versatility as it serves as an air purifier, as a fan and even a heater. Its connection with the app makes it much easier to use without having to look for the remote and from anywhere. In short, a model that reflects the good work of the British company in all kinds of inventions for the home.

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Dyson Pure Hot And Cool Link

ModelDyson Pure Hot And Cool


DimensionsHeight: 63 centimeters

Rim diameter: 15.4 centimeters

Base diameter: 22.2 centimeters

Weight3.8 kilos
ColorsBlue / Silver
Cable length1.8 meters
screenLED, shows the temperature we have set, mode and filter change indicators
OthersBase tilt, 70 degree lateral and 10 degree vertical swing


Type Dyson Air Multiplier System
Air flow -
FeaturesPurifier / Fan / Heater
Maximum noise level 64 decibels

Intelligent operation

Temperature controlBetween 1 and 37 degrees
Oscillation70 degree
ControlsRemote control
Advanced featuresAutomatic shutdown in the event of overheating or the appliance tipping over

Control from mobile

FeaturesDevice control, usage statistics, equipment guide, temperature, oscillation ...
CompatibleAndroid, iOS
OthersUse local air quality data

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteDyson

Price 600 euros