How to translate your subtitle files into Spanish

How to translate your subtitle files into Spanish

Finding a subtitle in Spanish for some of our movies downloaded in their original version can be a real ordeal. If it is old films, the situation becomes even more complicated. However, it is very normal to find subtitles in other languages (especially English). Wouldn't it be great to be able to translate those subtitles? Now you can.

We are going to recommend an online software to be able to directly translate the .srt files into Spanish quickly and with a fairly high level of effectiveness. Also, the process is really simple.

Subtitles Translator

subtitle translator

We are going to use a program called Subtitle Translator, which does not require a download. Just accessing their website will be enough to carry out the translation. The start menu of this online tool alerts us to the three important points of its service. For one thing, it only translates files of type sr t. On the other, use the Google translator to do the translations. Finally, it allows us to edit the translation if we want to tweak something that has not been very natural.

Translating subtitles

When we have a subtitle file that we want to translate, we have to drag it over the white box , or click on it to bring up a search engine where to select it. Once this is done, we will see how the file is loaded in just a few seconds.

After that, we come to a menu where we view each of the subtitles, with their time, and two boxes. In both boxes we will see the same text in the same language, but we do not have to worry. If we look at the upper area, we have a box where it says Select language , and below, a button that says Translate.

The list of languages ​​is endless, including Haitian Creole or Zulu. We will probably be interested in Spanish (although the option of Catalan, Galician or Basque is also available). The original language does not need to be marked, as it is recognized automatically. When we have chosen the language that interests us, the translation is done instantly . The Translate button is used to carry out a second translation through Bing, in case you want to compare. In our experience, we have not needed it.

subtitle translator

Edit the translation

Once the translation is done, we can review it to see if there are any phrases or words that have not been translated correctly. Subtitles are often divided into short sentences, which makes translation easier (much more than if they are complex sentences from a novel or an essay). In our test we have found few bugs, but there are always some . In those cases, you have the possibility to make an edit.

You just have to move the cursor to the phrase you want to change, and you will see a pencil icon. You click it, and a window will appear where you can write what you want . Click on "Replace text", and the change will be registered.

subtitles change

Save the new file

When we are satisfied with the result of the translation, it is time to save the file. Again, the process is very simple. We just have to click the Save as button , and the download is done automatically. When we go to our downloads folder, we will see that the downloaded file has the same name as it had before, but with an ".es" added at the end. In this way, we can differentiate it from the original subtitle in another language.

And that's it. The entire process takes just a minute , and the only thing we can take longer is to review the document if we want to fine-tune the translation. Now all you have to do is get comfortable on your sofa and enjoy the movie in its original version with Spanish subtitles.