Google Maps, how to explore Mars, the Moon or the seabed

Explore with Google

You don't have to have a wallet full of bills. You don't even have to get on a spaceship. Did you know in addition to exploring streets, squares and museums, Google Maps also offers you the possibility of investigating places that are more inaccessible to ordinary mortals? If you are not an astronaut and you do not have the slightest intention of becoming a professional diver, perhaps the only opportunity you have to see those mysterious worlds is through Google . Today we want to tell you how you can explore Mars, the Moon or the seabed without leaving home or putting on a special / space suit. Follow the instructions below and enjoy the views. They are really worth it.

Google Mars

How to explore Mars

In recent months we have seen different space missions land on the red planet. They go in search of the best snapshots, but also the smallest trace of life that they can find. It is not going to be that in a few years, our descendants will have to move there. If you want to see what the surface of Mars is like and explore it, all you have to do is go to the Google Maps page for Mars . From now on, the exploration will be free. You can approach and move away from the red planet, go over each of its sides and do it in a simple and agile way. You will see the different craters, with their corresponding names, and examine the different roughnesses, slopes and furrows that exist on the surface of the planet.


How to explore the Moon

If you now want to explore the Moon, you have it very easy . Because you are already in the right place. Click on the lower right arrow to display the browse menu. Here you can select Mars, Earth or the Moon. Click on the third and you will directly access the lunar surface . You will see that each of the areas is baptized with a name that you can check on top of the moon itself, making as many laps as you consider appropriate. Get closer, back and turn the moon from side to side to see how close it is.

Google Oceans

How to explore the seabed

But if oceans are your thing, you may be more interested in all the maritime exploration options that Google Maps offers you .  The option has been available for a long time, but now we have many more captures at our disposal. In order to explore the most diverse (and beautiful) seabed in the world, you will have to access Google Oceans , a kind of Street View, but under the sea . From here you can observe the seabed of Australia, Indonesia, Galapagos, Maldives, Isla Contoy, Florida, Aruba or Belize, among many others. Choose the background that most appeals to you, knowing that you can consult them all at any time and as many times as you wish, and start enjoying the experience. Within each of the proposals you will have 360-degree views, in high definition, and with great photographs . Thus, in addition to seeing the seabed, you can observe large coral reefs, impressive species and schools of the most exotic fish.

And you, have you already dared with any of these trips? Tell us which of these you like below in the comments.