Woxter Android TV 800, connect any TV to the Internet

Woxter Android TV 800

In the last two years, Smart TVs have become very fashionable , that is, smart televisions that incorporate their own operating system through which it is possible to surf the Internet , watch movies and series on demand , have conversations with friends and family ... in short, televisions with a computer built into them. The big "but" of these televisions is that they tend to have quite high prices, and that is precisely the reason why Woxter has launched the Woxter Android TV 800 , whose price is 80 euros .

The Woxter Android TV 800 is, in short, a device that allows you to turn any television into a Smart TV . It is an external accessory that connects directly to the TV, allowing content to be played on the TV screen through different sources (a connection via  HDMI , an SD memory card or a USB memory , for example).

In addition, the Android TV 800 of Woxter can also surf the Internet , download and install all kinds of applications from the Google Play store , online conversations or consult social networks , among other common functions on any smartphone or tablet.

Woxter Android TV 800

And it is that, in reality, the Woxter Android TV 800 is a device that incorporates inside the Android operating system in its version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and is powered by a quad- core processor that operates at a clock speed of 1 GHz . The RAM memory capacity of this device is 1 GigaByte , while the internal storage space is set at 8 GigaBytes .

This device incorporates two USB ports , an Ethernet LAN input , an HDMI 1.4 input , an external SD memory card reader, and wireless WiFi connectivity . These are all physical and wireless connectivity through which it is possible to play multimedia content (see movies, for example) from this device. In this way, we can play a movie from a USB memory to view a series through a web page on the Internet , all directly from our conventional television.

In some way, we are talking about a device similar to a mobile or a tablet with an Android operating system , with the difference that to make it work it is necessary to connect it directly to a television. This is a very compact apparatus, since the measurements of this device are set at  127 x 127 x 24 mm .

The Woxter Android TV 800 can now be purchased in Spain for a price of 80 euros . The device includes a remote control. And in the event that we are looking for a somewhat simpler device of this type, another option that we have at our fingertips is the Woxter Android TV Stick 300, an adapter that connects to the TV via USB allowing it to be used as if it were a smart TV; in this case, the price of this device is 60 euros .