Hatchimals, when Tamagotchi is reincarnated as a stuffed animal


The Tamagotchi fever did a lot of damage . Do you remember those children who carried that egg hanging everywhere to feed, play and clean the poop of their pixelated pet? Well, it seems that now we have something similar back, but much bigger and hairier. Christmas is coming and the toy manufacturers had to come up with something to seduce those crazy little guys who are already guessing what to put in the letter to the Three Kings . And they have done it again: they have just presented a new toy that promises to become a best seller this Christmas 2016-2017 . I mean the Hatchimals, magical creatures that are sold inside an egg and that the smallest of the house will have the opportunity to hug and care as if they were a real kitten.

The Hatchimals  are stuffed and are divided into two races. The first is that of the Pingí¼inos (Pengualas) and the second that of the Dragons (Draggles) .  Both are available in two different colors , although the truth is that things can get really complicated. In some stores in the United States , for example, exclusive breeds are sold (the Owlicorns , for example, are sold only in Toysurus ) and in Spain more of the same could happen. It is possible that in large stores such as Carrefour or El Corte Inglés we may soonfind new breeds and we have to run to these supermarkets to get the bug that our little ones want. Tragedy is chewed.

But what exactly are Hatchimals and why are they so attractive? In Spain, the one in charge of marketing these bugs is Bizak. As you can see in the ad, they are sold in the shape of an egg, because the stuffed animal is actually inside. But beware, they are not inanimate beings. The Hatchimals that will cause a sensation this Christmas are super interactive and have three stages of development. In the first, still inside the egg, your task will be to cover them up and help them hatch. You will hear sounds from inside and see that it emits lights. The incubation process will last about 30 minutes in which you have to move the egg and caress it . Next, the Hatchimals will evolve, but in the second and third phases you will have to take care of them in such a way that they learn from you, so in the end, their character will depend on how you have taught and cared for them. The more you play with them, the faster they will grow and the more games they can offer you.

You should know, on the other hand, that Hatchimals can always be reset to teach them again from scratch. The only thing we won't be able to do again is put them back into the egg. It is possible, of course, that in the future Bizak may sell the eggs separately , so that we can reintroduce the bug and relive the birth again.

hatchimals buy

But how much do Hatchimals cost and where can we buy them? Well, you must be clear that Hatchimals are not exactly cheap and that if your son puts them on the menu, the Kings will have to scratch their pockets. At the moment they are sold on Amazon , for amounts ranging between 98 and 140 euros, both in the form of  Dragons (Draggles)  and  Penguins (Pengualas) in different colors purple, pink and green. You have them all here .

And you, do you also plan to immerse yourself in the Hatchimal world ? Tell us about your experiences with these critters below in the comments!