Ten sites to find musicians on the Internet (2nd part)

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And we continue with our review of the ten most famous sites to find musicians on the Internet . The network offers music lovers a large number of pages to exchange songs, find components or improve their own songs with collaborations from anywhere in the world. The last five sites, after the first part published a few days ago, below.

6) Rifflet

Rifflet.com is the brainchild of musician Jon Schwab . Under the motto of " home for unfinished songs " or " home for unfinished songs ", it has the function of housing unfinished songs, rhythms or bass sequences that last just a minute . In this way, other users have the opportunity to listen to them, comment and improve them with their collaboration.

7) SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an effective system to share songs with our friends . When files are too heavy, it is tedious , and often impossible, to send them via email . SoundCloud allows us to send files to our entire network of friends . Of course, before sending anything we must ensure that we have the corresponding copyright .

8) Tune Rooms

And if music is teamwork, Tune Rooms could be a Mecca for connoisseurs . The page is based on the collaborations between users of the Network , who also have the opportunity to sell their songs through the same website . Each original composer can request the services of another in the matter of instruments, voices and any other touch that can improve the subject.

9) WeMix

It is the site of hip-hoppers . Wemix incorporates the ability to join, record, mix and collaborate on hip-hop songs on its page . Once the song is finished, they can sell them through the same page and earn money . That it never hurts.

10) YourSpins

YourSpins is a page dedicated to artists who want to compete with other composers , although there is also the possibility that they can modify songs or convert their own songs into tones for the mobile phone.

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Via magazine Wired