▷ Instagram won't let me follow anyone: this is how you can fix it [2019]

instagram won't let me follow anyone

From the beginning of the year until now, the Sunción to follow on Instagram has not caused more than problems to its creators, or at least that is what a good part of its users assure. “Instagram won't let me follow anyone”, “Instagram Follow action blocked” , “I put follow on Instagram and it won't let me”, “Instagram won't let me follow contacts”, “I've been unable to follow anyone on Instagram for a week” ... These and many other reports are some of the main testimonies of the affected people. Are you one of them? Find out how to unblock the Follow feature on Instagram.

First of all, why has Instagram blocked following people?

That Instagram has blocked the Follow function in the application may be due to something more complex than a simple programming error.

action blocked Instagram follow

In accordance with the rules and terms of use of the platform, we can establish the following reasons:

  • We have followed a large number of Instagram accounts in a short period of time.
  • We have liked  a large number of photos from other profiles in a short period of time.
  • We have been reported or reported by one or more users for misconduct or other reasons.
  • An indication of suspicious activity has been detected (connection from another country, repeated account access…).

If we have committed any of these infractions in the last days, there is little we can do to recover the Follow function on Instagram , at least for the duration of the suspension of the functions of our account.

How Long Does Instagram Blocked Action Follow?

Although Instagram does not generally specify the blocking time of the Follow function in the application, this period usually ranges from 6 hours to 7 days .

If the action is repeated, the blocking time can reach the month of suspension, although this is not usually the case.

I can't follow on Instagram: how to recover Follow on Instagram

To rule out that it is a failure of the application, the first thing we will have to do is if our account has been limited recently is to delete the Instagram data, as well as the cache memory of it.

The process is as simple as accessing the Android Settings, and more specifically the Applications section. Once inside, we will access Instagram and click on Force stop. Then we will go to Storage and finally click on Clear cache and Clear data or information .

I can't follow anyone instagram

The next thing we will have to do is start Instagram again and enter our access data . In the case of an error in the app, it is most likely that it has disappeared, so we can follow anyone without any problem.

In the probable event that the above has not worked for us, the only thing we can do is contact the Instagram support service directly. To do this, we will go to our profile tab and slide the interface to the left to access the Settings section. Once inside, we will go to Help and finally to Report a problem .

instagram does not let follow

At this point, we can choose either to Send Feedback or to Report a problem. In any case, we will have to describe the problem in detail and provide the respective screenshots in order to unblock Follow on Instagram. The average response time, yes, is usually two to three days .