8 pages to sell and buy second-hand clothes online

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Buying second-hand clothes is always a good way to save money on something that is essential today. The current health situation has forced us to resort to online buying and selling to get any type of product. The good news is that there are dozens of pages and applications to buy second-hand clothes online, either from companies or from private users. On this occasion, we have collected several of the best options to buy clothes online in Spain safely and without resorting to intermediaries.

Wallapop, Vibbo and Milanuncios, where to buy or sell second hand?

Vinted, the best application to buy cheap clothes online

Formerly known as Chicfy, it is probably the best application that we can download to buy and sell clothes online. The operation of the platform is very similar to that of Wallapop, in fact, its interface is practically traced. The difference with respect to the latter is that Vinted is focused on remote sales.

Proof of this is that it has different forms of payment: PayPal, credit card ... It also has a buyer protection system and different automated shipping methods.

Percentil, an automated second-hand market

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This curious platform goes a step further and comes as a kind of automated second-hand clothing market. The operation of Percentil differs from that of Vinted in its concept: while Vinted is focused on sales between individuals, Percentil acts as a company that collects garments to later sell them to individuals. In this aspect, the operation is very similar to stores like Cash Converters .

To sell clothes within the platform we will have to previously purchase a sales kit. Then, the platform will value our clothes based on the original price and the condition of the garments to pay us the amount considered. In case of compliance with the conditions, the company will collect our clothes to sell them through the web.

Micolet, a website very similar to Percentile

This company of Basque origin imitates the Percentile sales model. The page is responsible for valuing and pricing our clothes to put them on sale based on the original value, volume and condition. The difference with respect to Percentile is that Micolet only has second-hand women's clothing .

Like the latter, it has leading brands (Massimo Dutti, H&M, Zara ...) and has different search filters. With regard to shipping costs, the website sets the price at 1 euro (99 cents) if orders exceed 20 euros.

Ropasion, a mixed model to buy second-hand clothes

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The Ropasion model mixes the concept of Percentile with that of Vinted. The company is in charge of valuing and collecting the clothes to take them to their warehouses. Then, those responsible for the sales department will be in charge of “hanging” our product on the platform. The difference with respect to the Percentile is that only the amount agreed in the initial deal will be paid in case the company manages to sell the item in question within a maximum period of 6 months. Automatically the balance will be added to the available balance of our account.

Miropago !, one of the best pages to buy and sell clothes

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Miropago borrows the concept of Percentile as it is a platform that takes care of the entire process of buying and selling garments. There are not many differences from this one, other than that it only supports women's clothing. The good thing is that the store marks in advance the percentages that are paid for used clothing based on the original sale value : up to 30 euros a maximum of 40% is paid, from 31 to 80 euros 50% and 81 euros in forward up to 60% of sale.

For example, if the sale price of a blouse is 50 euros, the company will pay us a maximum of 25 euros . The same happens with the rest of the garments.

Carousel Lovers, another second-hand (women's) clothing store

Another website that inherits the concept of Percentile and that limits its garments to women's clothing. The page in question has a list of brands that allows us to filter the clothes based on the fabricnate. It also has a section for vintage clothing and even a physical store in Vilassar de Marcon with its own showroom.

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It should be noted that shipping costs are free from 60 euros of purchase. Likewise, the return of the items is completely free , as stated on the website.

Mambalú, specialized in second-hand children's clothing

A platform that differs from the rest in public. Mambalu does not focus only on women's clothing, it also has garments for children between 3 and 16 years old and babies from 0 to 24 months . In this regard, the web quite well segments the different types of garment, as well as the audience they are aimed at.

In addition to having leading brands, it has an outlet page with different offers. Due to the size of the website, the collection and sale of clothing is usually limited to 1,000 orders per week. Shipping costs for Spain are 6 euros and free if orders exceed 60 euros.

Attire, application and online store at the same time

Atuendi comes to the Internet as an application and online store very similar to Vinted. In fact, it is the most popular alternative to Vinted on the Internet, since it inherits the base concept of the latter. The platform feeds on user advertisements, in such a way that the sale is made directly between individuals who use the application .

Like Vinted, it is not designed for the deal in hand, but rather has a virtual wallet that acts as an “accumulator” of balance to make purchases within the application or to transfer it to our bank account. It is not compatible with PayPal but it does have a secure card payment method.