Solutions to the most common problems of Movistar TV

Solutions to the most common problems of Movistar TV

Movistar TV is a service that comes with all packages Fusion company . Despite the price rise, for many users it is the only interesting solution that allows them to have Internet, landline and mobile calls and television in the same package.

But as with any telephone operator, this type of services and technologies can give us problems. If you are subscribed to the Movistar TV television service and have problems, review all these solutions that we propose below.

Most likely, in many cases they will be very useful to solve the faults, before contacting the technical service . Or that they help you find the best way to solve them as soon as possible. And without complicating your life too much.

Problems with the connection of Movistar TV

Problems with the connection of Movistar TV

It is not strange that it happens. In fact, as users of Movistar TV it has happened to us on many occasions. You are watching a movie, a series or a program recorded on TV when, suddenly, the image freezes. The device is still on and apparently without problems, but the truth is that there is no way that the image reprimands its departure.

If this happens to you, we recommend that you follow these basic tips:

  • Unplug the decoder from the mains
  • Disconnect the network cable from all computers connected to the router
  • Do a reset on the router using a toothpick (you have to keep the button pressed for 20 seconds)
  • Wait five minutes for the router to finish syncing
  • Connect the devices again and wait for them to load

If despite having done all this you still have problems, it will be convenient for you to contact Movistar's technical service by calling 1002 .

app_error, app_error_network in Movistar TV

It is a typical error that usually occurs in Movistar TV devices . What is recommended in these cases is, simply, an electrical reset. In this way, it is possible that all accumulated errors will be cleaned. And it is not necessary to resort to actions or repairs of greater depth.

All you have to do is unplug the Movistar TV decoder from the electrical current and wait a few seconds. Then reconnect the computer to the network . Wait for it to load and check if the operation is already correct.

Movistar + content cannot be seen on the PC

In the Movistar forums, users are offered some interesting solutions to remedy the problems they have when watching television through this service. Some users have problems viewing Movistar + content through their computer. The first thing that the Movistar + technical service indicates to us is that the technical requirements of the PC must be checked. What are the following:

  • Operating system:  WINDOWS Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU Processor: Minimum 1.8GHz and 1 Gb of RAM. Recommended 3GHz and 2 Gb of RAM
  • Internet connection:  Minimum 3 Mbps. Recommended 6 Mbps

It is also recommended to update the browser's Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

The decoder fails, can I change it?

Do you think the decoder is failing? If you have had the decoder for many years or have experienced power dips or surges at home, you may be right. And that, indeed, the decoder is failing . You will notice that this is true when it gets stuck persistently. What prevents you from seeing the programs and content correctly normally.

Try disconnecting the equipment from the power and restarting it. If it still doesn't work, call Movistar customer service directly. In the event that, after making the relevant checks, everything remains the same, they will have to send a technician to your home to check the equipment and its operation. If the problem is with the decoder, they will most likely have to replace it.

the remote does not work

The remote does not work

It is a very common incidence. The remote is damaged and there is no way to use Movistar TV normally. What you have to do is contact the Movistar technical service directly and report your incident. If they determine that the controller is indeed broken, they will open a petition . And you can pick up a new controller in a physical store. You shouldn't have any more problems in this regard.

Deleted recordings

It sure has happened to you on more than one occasion. You had that movie recorded, your children's favorite. The one you can't stop seeing over and over again. But Movistar TV has decided to strike her down. So, suddenly and without warning. What has happened?

Be very careful with this, because the recordings are not available forever . The recordings are kept for 180 days for customers of the Total, Soccer and Energy packages. Customers of the For Everyone mode may only have the possibility to view these contents for 30 days.

Sometimes there may be problems with recordings. That may be unavailable due to a fault. Or because Movistar no longer has the rights to the broadcast. If you believe that your recording has unfairly disappeared, you will have to contact Movistar directly, indicating these data:

  • Recording title
  • Channel on which it was broadcast
  • Day and time of issue

You can open an incident to 1004. Or contact directly privately indicating your data through the Movistar Community. To do this, you will have to register with a username . After consultations, the mystery may be cleared up. And if you are wrong, try to do what you can to get your recording back.

Problems with the connection of Movistar TV

Audio and video not synchronized

The problem of out-of-sync audio and video can be very, very annoying. Especially when watching movies or sports broadcasts. The first thing you have to do is check if it happens to you on a single channel, with a specific recording, or on all Movistar TV channels. If it's a one-time problem, it may be a simple problem with the recording or with a channel. Perhaps in a few hours or minutes it will be resolved.

But if it happens to you with all channels, it is probably a more serious problem . The first thing to do is check the connections (HDMI, scart or RCA) with the decoder. If you also have the service connected to the WiFi network, it would be interesting to try connecting it directly with an Ethernet cable.

If you haven't reset the router in a while, this is also an option. Faults may have accumulated, so it is best to start from scratch. If, despite having made all these checks, you still have problems, it would be interesting for you to contact customer service so that they can better observe your incidence. They may need to make other inquiries.

Movistar + does not load

It is one of the most typical problems. Suddenly Movistar + does not load. The screen may go black or even blank. The recommendations of Movistar technicians are to turn off the decoder electrically. This means unplugging the appliance from the electricity . It is recommended to wait a couple of minutes and then turn on the decoder.