How To Automatically Download Song Covers With VLC

How To Automatically Download Song Covers With VLC

VLC is one of the most popular media players among users. Although its fame may be greater when it comes to playing video, it also allows us to play audio files. In fact, it has a magnificent function that will allow us to download the album art of the songs fully automatically . You did not know? Well, let's review how we can use it.

Although there are many music streaming services available today, many users still prefer MP3s for listening to music . It may be because they already have a magnificent collection, because they get them with better audio quality or simply because they prefer to send them to their mobile and forget if they have coverage or if they have megabytes available that month.

So, if you have a good collection of MP3 music, why not listen to it as God intended? It is true that seeing the cover will not make the song sound better, but surely many of you like this functionality . In addition, it is very easy to carry out.

Automatically download song covers with VLC

As we said, we are going to use the VLC program. So, if you don't have it, you can access its official website and download it. Is free.

how to download music album art with VLC preferences

Once downloaded, run the program and enter Preferences . If you use Mac you have it by clicking on the VLC option on the top bar. If you use Windows, you will have to enter Tools and then Preferences.

how to download album art music with VLC enable metadata

In the first tab, called Interface, we will have to look for the option " Allow network access for metadata ". We must activate it to ensure that the application can download the information of the songs from the Internet. This includes song covers.

Once activated, we will click on Save. Although it is not necessary, it is best to close VLC and reopen it. From now on, when we play an MP3 song, the application will search for the cover on the Internet and display it .

We may already have this option activated, since in the program installation it asks us if we want to activate it or not. However, at that time it tells us that it is for privacy reasons, so it is very possible that we have not activated it in the installation.