How to play Candy Crush Saga from your computer

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At a time when games like Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run are installed on millions of smartphones and dominate all the news in the sector, some users continue to spend hours on Candy Crush Saga . The well-known game developed by King has lost a bit of steam, but it is still very much alive. And is that the game has not stopped updating, currently having more than 2,000 levels available. A game that first appeared as a Facebook application , but which, given its success, was soon brought to the Android , iOS and Windows Phone mobile operating systems.. A game that more than 150 million users have played and continue to play . Today we wanted to rescue this great game and review how we can play Candy Crush Saga from the computer .


The most obvious way is to play the game through the platform that brought this worldwide phenomenon to life, Facebook . As we mentioned before, this game was born as a Facebook application and, although it was later ported to mobile devices, it is still available on the well-known social network . To play Candy Crush Saga through Facebook we will only have to enter our account through a web browser and click on "Games" , located on the left side of the screen.

candy crush saga computer facebook

A list of games available on Facebook will appear . In the upper right, we can type the name of the game and search for it, thus being able to access it more quickly. Once located, we will only have to click on "Play" and the game will start.

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The good thing about playing through the Facebook application is that we will have some advantages over the mobile version, such as new objects and candies, as well as some rewards for using this system.

Official website

candy crush saga computer official website

If for any reason you do not want to access through Facebook , you can also play directly on the official King website . You will simply have to click on "Play Now" and the game will begin. Of course, to record our progress it will be necessary to enter with our username and password.

Windows Store

candy crush saga computer windows

If you are Windows 10 users you also have the possibility to download the game directly from the Windows Application Store . You will simply have to enter the application store, search for the game and click on "Get the game" . Perfect for playing full screen or if you want to use it on a convertible device with a touch screen.

Android emulator

candy crush saga computer emulator

The last option that we propose is somewhat more elaborate, although equally valid. It is about using an Android emulator on our computer . One of the most used is BlueStacks , available for both Windows and Mac. We will simply have to download the emulator and install it like any other application. Once installed, we will have to configure our Google Play account and enable access to the application store. When we have it, we look for the application we want to install, in this case Candy Crush Saga . Then we will run it as if we were on a mobile device.

As you can see, we can still keep putting hours into the Candy Crush Saga , even when we don't have a smartphone handy.