5 free text editors for Windows 10

5 free text editors for Windows 10

Gone are the days when to write on our computer we necessarily had to have Microsoft's Office package. Currently, there are quite a few free alternative options for all those who work with text s. The influence of the Microsoft program is undoubted, since it has created a school that can only be imitated, to a better or lesser extent.

In this article we are going to offer you five of those options, some being simply generic versions of the pioneering office suite , while others add their two cents to the format.

Google Docs

Microsoft's outstanding student in text editors is undoubtedly Google. And is that your Google Docs has little to envy Bill Gates's Word or Excel. In fact, this platform was the first that allowed the user to have all their files saved on the network , with their Gmail account. Thus, you do not depend on using a specific computer, so the freedom to write wherever you want is enormous.

Today, through Google Drive, with Google Docs we can have a huge file database, with all the foreseeable editing possibilities and some more. In addition, it allows voice dictation, comment and edit the files online with other users , and finally download them in the format we prefer. A 10.

Apache OpenOffice

We now enter the realm of copies. Apache's OpenOffice has the honor of being the first free competition to Microsoft Office. Essentially it is the same system, with an interface that reminds us of the versions of the beginning of the century , without much improvement in this regard.

Despite the last system update dating back a couple of years, the system still works fine and performs its functions correctly. We can do all kinds of text editing, and then download it as a .doc, .odt or even PDF file . Besides, it includes a Spanish dictionary.


Still within the imitation programs, LibreOffice was born as a more recent project, and therefore, some improvements in its service are noticed compared to others such as OpenOffice. This suite includes Writer, the program dedicated to editing texts.

In spite of everything, this processor will not give us too many surprises in terms of operation, also inspired by the interface of the classic Office of the early 2000s. Certain elements such as icons are a little more careful than in its OpenOffice competitor , but the rest it is essentially the same. Dictionary and spell checking in Spanish, options to export in various formats, ease of printing ... the basics and necessary to work with texts.


This processor is one of the last to appear. Created on free code, we can get AbiWord for free if we have Windows or Linux, and it has updates until the end of 2016 . Once again, we have a copy of the classic Office format, with all its options, a basic interface and possibilities to edit, save and print in different formats. Like the other options, it includes an online Spanish dictionary.


This latest word processor is focused as an app that we can download from the Windows store for free. Very fast to download, it is a simple software that allows us to write texts and notes, with almost all the classic functions, but with a more modern interface . The program offers facilities to share the file on the Internet, quickly correct or export to different formats. One more option, but with a 21st century aftertaste.

With any of these options, whether offline or online, you can give free rein to your ideas in writing , without having to spend a single euro.