Excel templates "" the shopping list

Shopping list

Are you one of those who go to the supermarket with the shopping list written down by hand on a piece of paper? There is a way of not having to write it product by product every time. For example, with these two Excel templates . You just have to print one copy before you leave home.

Man is an animal of customs. We usually buy more or less the same things. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to have the base of the list already made, and thus not go crazy to think about what to buy and what not every time we go to the supermarket. A list that we can always update, adding and removing new products.

This first template groups the products by type (dairy, meat, bakery), so that you can consult the products that you are missing each time you arrive at a new section of the supermarket. In two other columns you can include the amount you want to buy and the brand of the product.


The second template gathers all the products in the same table, but adds a column where you can put the category. So we can later sort the list by categories (dairy, fruits, vegetables, fish, ...) In addition, it has columns for the price with and without discount, the brand and even some comments (for example: do not confuse natural yogurt with yogurt natural sugary). Just one caveat: this second template is only available for users with a genuine version of Microsoft Office .

With this purchasing method, we only have to spend a few minutes making our own list once, and updating it from time to time and calmly on our home computer. When you go to make the purchase, you print a copy, period.

Even if you have an electronic diary or a mobile phone with Windows Mobile (or another operating system that allows you to use Office ), you just have to load the template and take your gadget to the supermarket. This way you would save having to take out the pencil or the pen to mark the products that you have already bought (pff ... how vulgar). And what you are going to wear in the supermarket on the corner.