How to split a Word document into two columns

How to split a Word document into two columns

Writing a text in columns is not something that is done regularly, but it is a widely used practice within the journalistic and academic world. In this article we explain how you can use the Microsoft Word word processor to divide a text into several columns in a very practical and simple way.

There are some situations in which it can be very interesting to use columnar text writing. Columnar texts are used primarily in academia and journalism . It is a way of writing our texts that makes them look much more professional. legal texts also tend to be structured in columns, to facilitate their reading and monitoring.

Microsoft Word is a word processor that allows us to write in several columns in a very simple way. In addition, we can use this technique both in texts that we write again, as in texts that we already have written.

The first step is to open the text that we want to edit with the Microsoft Word processor. Once you have your text open, you need to go to the " Layout " menu found at the top of the interface. Within this menu you need to use the option to create " Columns ". In some earlier versions of Word, this option is found under the "Format" or "Page Layout" tab.

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The next step is to specify the number of columns you want your document to have. The normal thing is to use two columns, but if you want you can use three and even more columns.

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You can also resort to the " Width and Space " section, where you can set the thickness that you said each of the columns has, as well as the amount of white space that will be between the different columns that make up your document.

You can also use the " Line between Columns " option , which will show a small vertical line in the space between the columns, which will accentuate the separation.

Finally, at the bottom there is an option that allows you to apply the text settings in columns to your document, or only to the part of the text that you have selected with the cursor.

It's that simple to divide a text into several columns with Word.