How to know if your email has been read in Gmail

How to know if your email has been read in Gmail

We are used to knowing almost everything about our contacts. In fact, when we send a message through tools like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, we receive read confirmations . This reassures us, because we know that our recipient has received the message. And we can even verify that you have read it.

With email there is what we call “read receipts”. This means that our recipients can choose the option to send the confirmation. Or not .

Gmail offers this option to users, but not to everyone. Only those who have a work or school account. If you have a normal account, you will have to install an extension in your Chrome browser .

How to know if your email has been read in Gmail

If you want to know if they have read your mail in Gmail or even if they have clicked on the internal links, do the following. You will have to install extensions. And do it from the Chrome Web Store. There are many tools, but we want to propose three different ones:

  • Boomerang . Be careful, Boomerang for Gmail is an extension that tracks email and tells the recipient that it is indeed being tracked. You must take it into account. Boomerang for Gmail is also an interesting tool for managing email. And it allows you to schedule emails, set reminders, and so on.
  • Bananatag . And we continue with another extension that you can easily install in your browser. Bananatag is another interesting option, because it is capable of tracking whether the recipient has clicked on the links or not. If you want to track your reception even more closely, here is a viable option.
  • Mailtrack. The third option that we would recommend is called Mailtrack and it is as easy to use as WhatsApp. After installing it, you will see a double green check in all those messages that have been read. You will always have the read or unread ratio next to each of your emails, in your inbox.

If you are a user of a Google account from work or school, you have an added advantage

Most users do not have this privilege. However, if you have a Google account from work or belong to a school, you have an option available natively.

We talk about read receipts. A feature that does work in other email tools. Like for example, Outlook.

If you have an account with these characteristics, you can request a read receipt. It's as easy as this:

1. Access Gmail from your computer and click on Compose .

2. In the To and Cc fields, enter the recipients. Write the subject of the message and the message in question.

3. Then choose More options and click Request read receipt . Then you can send the message.

4. Please note that you will not receive read receipts if you send a message to a group. And that the recipient may have to approve whether or not to send a read receipt. If you choose "no", you will not receive it.