How to show battery percentage in Windows 10

Windows 10 battery icon

Although Microsoft is determined to bring us all to Windows 10 , it seems that there are still details to fix. For example, the battery icon on your laptop or tablet might have disappeared without warning . And what is worse, without having touched anything . Apparently it is a small bug resulting from an update that is bothering many users. Of course, it has a solution , so do not despair and follow this little guide step by step.

As always when there is a software problem , the first thing to do is check that there are no pending or recently installed updates that have not taken effect. Thus, a simple restart of the computer or tablet will make us clear whether the problem is permanent or a simple momentary failure of Windows 10 . If the battery icon still does not appear after the device restarts, follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to look for the device manager . A window where all the hardware or physical components of the device are listed: graphics card, displays, ports and connections, etc. To do this, you just have to use the Windows 10 search engine , typing "device manager" to get directly to the aforementioned window.
  2. Here you have to look for the batteries section and click on it. If all goes well, there should be an adapter and a battery ( this must be connected).
  3. The next thing is to right-click on the element that says "battery with control method compatible with Microsoft ACPI" to access the contextual actions. Or, if you don't have a mouse, first click on this option to select it and then on the Action menu in the upper bar of this window. Among those options there is the deactivation option . That is the one that we will mark so that the device stops recognizing the connected battery as such.
  4. Immediately after step three, it is enough to repeat the same thing but, this time, activating the battery again. As before, a right click on "battery with control method compatible with Microsoft ACPI" or normal click on it and then on Action allows to display the options to carry out. When you press Activate , the device recognizes the battery again (always connected during the process).

windows 10 battery icon

With this, the battery icon that is located on the launch bar, on the far right , will have appeared again. No need to carry out other tasks, installations or reboots of any kind. Of course, it seems that the problem could also be solved with the installation of pending updates , so reviewing them and performing the relevant installations does not hurt either.

In other cases, and if possible, removing the battery can force the system to recognize the battery again and get the icon back to stand at the bar . To do this, simply remove the battery for several minutes . When reconnecting and turning on the device, the icon may reappear. Of course, there are tablets and laptops that do not allow this option by keeping the battery anchored to the device itself, so the most effective thing is to follow the steps described above.