The solution to the most common WhatsApp problems if the application fails

The solution to the most common WhatsApp problems if the application fails

Do not despair, surely the little clock that appears next to your WhatsApp messages has an easy solution. We tell you from, where we have already seen crashes of the WhatsApp system, malfunctions of the application or problems with your Internet connection. That is why we have developed this simple guide with the most common WhatsApp problems. And most importantly: your solutions . So follow these tips step by step to try to get WhatsApp back to working order. If none of this works, the most likely thing is that the problem is neither your mobile, nor your connection, nor your WhatsApp application.

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  • Why can't I download photos and videos
  • My beta version of WhatsApp closes
  • Why are messages not being sent
  • Why do messages take time to reach me
  • Why can't my stickers show
  • What happened to my messages
  • WhatsApp crashes and forces it to close
  • Why can't I see other people's WhatsApp statuses
  • Why don't I have the last feature everyone is talking about
  • I've tried everything and WhatsApp still doesn't work

Why can't I download photos and videos

There are situations where you cannot download a photo or video of a conversation. You click on the down arrow icon and, after a few seconds of downloading, a message tells you that you cannot get hold of that content , and that you try again later. This can be due to several causes, and these are their solutions:

  • One of them is that you do not have an Internet connection. Verify that you do not have airplane mode active on your mobile and that the Internet connection is active. Or, if you are connected to a WiFi network, make sure there is data flow. You can try browsing the web and see if any page loads to confirm that you have a connection. Once this is done try to download the content again.
  • Another cause is usually the falls of the WhatsApp service. In this case the application servers stop working correctly and the messages may not be sent. And therefore, the photos cannot be downloaded either. Check through social networks like Twitter if other users are suffering the same failure . If this is the case, you can only wait for WhatsApp to fix the mess so that you can download the audiovisual content.
  • A third cause is that it is a failure of the application itself. Especially if you have the beta or testing version of WhatsApp. The different functions arrive before this version to test their correct operation. But they may not work as they should, or bugs may creep in. If the download problem has occurred just after updating the application, you will have to wait for WhatsApp to correct the failure in a new version. That is, updating the application. Another alternative, in the case of being a beta user, is to return to the stable version of WhatsApp , where everything works correctly.

I can't download photos

My beta version of WhatsApp closes

WhatsApp has a beta tester or test program in which it introduces small changes or new functions that are under development. In this way, several users with different mobiles can test it and see if everything works as it should. Thus, if there is a fault, WhatsApp can correct it before launching it in the stable version for all users of the application safely through an update.

Having a beta version of WhatsApp means having priority access to these functions, but you should know that bugs or failures can occur. Malfunctions that cause the application to eventually close or some of its features do not work as they should. And it is normal. Although the application is functional, this beta version may have bugs.

If you are experiencing a malfunction in your latest updated beta version, what you can do is arm yourself with patience until WhatsApp releases a new update with the consequent corrections. And, if you want something more immediate, you can always exit the beta tester program and download the latest stable version from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone mobile.

Why are messages not being sent

There are situations in which, after writing a message and pressing the Send button, the text appears in its corresponding bubble but without the ticks that indicate the sending . In fact, sometimes the clock appears indicating that the message is waiting to be sent. If this symbol is kept for too long, it is very likely that there is an error. These are the possible solutions to this failure:

  • You don't have an Internet connection: Try deactivating and reactivate your WiFi connection if you are connected to a wireless network. If messages are not sent or received when switching from WiFi to your data connection, or when connecting to WiFi again, the problem will not be with your connection.
  • Your mobile has been locked: it may be that, if you have not turned off your mobile for too long, its memory is saturated. Sometimes this problem causes installed applications to not work as they should. The best thing you can do to solve it is to turn off your mobile and turn it on again . This will free up the RAM so that everything works as it should again.
  • The service is down: again, WhatsApp suffers from problems with its servers. Something that causes the service to stop working as it should. Head over to social networks like Twitter or Instagram to see that other users are also suffering from it . If so, you can only wait for WhatsApp to return to normal service.

why aren't whatsapp messages sent

Why do messages take time to reach me

If you know that they are writing to you or you have not received a message for too long, there may be a problem with WhatsApp. Something that prevents incoming messages from being actually received. It can happen for different reasons, but there is a pretty practical solution for all of them:

  • Restart the terminal . Either due to connection problems with your WiFi network or with your Internet data rate, a restart will help the mobile to return these connections to their functional state, in case there is a problem with them. It would also solve any problems with the RAM, if it is saturated. That is, when you restart the terminal, it should all work again as usual.
  • If this is not the case, it is probably a problem with the WhatsApp service, and not with your mobile, your application or your Internet connection. If so, again, you just have to arm yourself with patience until WhatsApp recovers the service . There is little else you can do.

Why can't my stickers show

Surely, little by little you have been building a good collection of stickers in your WhatsApp application. And of course it is not a dish of good taste to find you overnight that they are not there. Especially if you have personal stickers, created by you, from your images.

The stickers are associated with the user's WhatsApp account . That is, if you change your mobile and use your account, just as you can recover your messages when restoring the backup, you will also have your stickers available. Therefore, they should not disappear.

If that is the case, there is a formula to maintain them. Before making the change of terminal, create a contact in your phone book with your own number and open a WhatsApp conversation with yourself. Here you can send your entire collection of stickers available to date . You will have to do it one by one. Then create a backup from Settings> Chats> Backup to have everything in the cloud. And now yes, change your mobile without problem. By doing so, you can go through your own conversation and click one by one on the stickers to save them as favorites in your collection. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world but it is a feasible solution if your stickers disappear.

What happened to my messages

Have you changed your mobile and have you found that your Chats screen is completely blank? This can happen when you don't create backup copies of all your conversations. It is the formula to ensure that, even if you lose and have to change your mobile or install WhatsApp with your account in another place, you will be able to recover all these messages.

Get used to it or schedule the daily backup linked to your Google Drive account in the case of Android. Head over to Settings> Chats> Backup to configure everything. In this way, you will create a security file that is uploaded to the cloud daily around 2.00 in the morning (as long as you keep the standard features of WhatsApp). Thus, in case any problem occurs with the mobile and the conversations disappear, you can restore them on a new mobile, or on your old one by reinstalling the WhatsApp application.

It is impossible for the messages to disappear just because on your mobile, unless you click on the archive button. This will not cause the conversation to be deleted, but it will go to the bottom of the chats screen. You just have to click on the word Archive to jump to this new screen where the archived conversations are saved. Here they will all be available to consult and retake. In fact, you only have to speak again in one of these conversations to return it to the main WhatsApp screen. Or press on it for several seconds and choose the option to unarchive.

whatsapp messages

WhatsApp crashes and forces it to close

It is not usual, but it can happen that WhatsApp begins to give problems on your mobile. Perhaps the lack of RAM, or little storage to save the backups, photos and videos received, etc. Or even an update of the operating system or the customization layer of the manufacturer of your mobile can create some kind of incompatibility. Something that makes WhatsApp not work as it should, and that forces it to close when you carry out certain actions. This is what you can do.

The first thing would be to restart the terminal . It is the solution for the vast majority of problems that usually occur both with WhatsApp and with any application or your mobile. Whether it's a RAM issue or an update that's not stable, this reboot should put things right.

If this is not the case, you can always delete WhatsApp data and reinstall the application. Of course, make sure to make a backup copy of your messages first so you don't lose anything at all. Go to Settings> Chats> Backup for it. Then go to the Settings of your mobile, look for the applications section and enter WhatsApp. Here you should be able to clear the app's data and cache . Then uninstall WhatsApp. It is the most effective formula so that no trace of this application remains on your mobile. The best thing to do is restart your mobile before reinstalling WhatsApp. Once you've set up your account again, there shouldn't be any more problems.

Why can't I see other people's WhatsApp statuses

There are two different situations in this case. One of them is that some problem occurs with the WhatsApp service and absolutely no Status is loaded. In this way it is possible that the screen appears blank, without the usual content that some users share in this section. If so, you can do little or nothing. And it is that if it is the WhatsApp service (problems with the servers, for example), as users we do not have the power to solve anything. We can only make sure that this is so, that this failure exists by checking it through other social networks. If other Twitter or Instagram users are complaining about this failure, we will know that the problem is not exclusively ours, and that we will only have to wait for WhatsApp to fix what has been broken. Of course, without knowing when this will happen.

Another possible solution is that only the WhatsApp statuses of one (or several) person never appear visible . In this case, it is most likely that said person has excluded you from viewing their statuses. Or that, directly, he has blocked you on WhatsApp. You can find out the latter just by stopping by their conversation. If your contact photo does not appear in the chat and, when you send a message, only a gray tick appears, you have probably decided to block you. When this happens you will not be able to see its contents published in States, and you will not have the opportunity to change this.

If there is a problem with your Internet connection, instead of not showing the States, it is possible that the screen will not update . That is, no new or more recent publications appear than those already seen. In this case, try disconnecting and connecting your WiFi and mobile data connections. If nothing new happens or the Status screen is not updated, you can try restarting the mobile. If none of this works, it is most likely that WhatsApp is having some kind of failure and it is not due to your mobile, your application or your connection.

WhatsApp Status

Why don't I have the last feature everyone is talking about

Above we have explained that WhatsApp uses a test platform. That is to say, an advanced version so that a few users from all over the world and with all types of mobiles can test the new functions. With this they can correct any malfunction that is affecting this smaller group of users. Thus, these functions arrive already polished and working as they should to the general public when they are released for everyone in the stable or final version of WhatsApp.

Well, this beta program is usually full, but you can try to access it to be one of these advantageous users and enjoy functions before the rest. Just go to the Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp. In the information and download screen you can navigate down to find this beta tester program . Here you will only have to accept, if there is room for you and wait a few minutes. After that you can install an update that takes you to the latest beta or testing version. And thus enjoy these advantages.

Another alternative is to download this or any other beta version of WhatsApp manually from outside the Google Play Store. Of course, you have to be aware that this process can endanger the security and proper functioning of your mobile by installing non-Google content. The process is simple through the APKMirror website, where many applications and versions of tools that are or have gone through the Google Play Store are replaced. It is a page that has been proven to be safe, but will never have the Google Play Store credentials. You can search here for the latest beta version of WhatsApp and download it manually on your mobile. Once you do, you can click on the option Open and install this update in the usual way. After that, you will already have WhatsApp in its beta version and all the latest additions it has, which will always be more advanced than those of the last stable version. Of course, be aware that beta versions may contain bugs.

WhatsApp beta

I've tried everything and WhatsApp still doesn't work

The key in this case is to verify that the problem does not depend on you. That is, the application does not work because the WhatsApp service has fallen. Whether it's the servers, an attack, or whatever. If so, as with other problems, we will not be able to do anything as users . Just wait for WhatsApp engineers to rebuild the service and get back to work as soon as possible.

The way to verify that this problem is from WhatsApp and not ours is to do several simple checks. The simplest is to visit pages that monitor the status of services and social networks like this one. A good example is DownDetector, where you can check if there are reports of failures of this service, and even find out where they are happening, if they are local.

Another option is to go to Twitter and search for #WhatsAppDown or #WhatsApp to check what are the tweets and messages that are being published about it. Search through the recent ones to see if there are any problem messages about the WhatsApp service. If you see that there are more people with this problem, you will know that it depends on the service and not on your mobile. The same happens on Instagram, where some users publish stories of problems with WhatsApp. Of course, this source is less reliable since it also depends on the WhatsApp infrastructure. Or what is the same: when there are problems with the WhatsApp servers, there are also usually with Facebook and Instagram, so it is most likely that these social networks do not work well either.