Travis Touch, we tested this portable 105 language translator

Travis Touch, we tested this portable 105 language translator

Travis Touch is a portable translator that can work with more than 100 different languages and translate conversations in real time. It integrates 16 translation applications and uses artificial intelligence to detect the best possible translation.

To communicate with someone in a language that we do not know, we will only have to speak to the device in our language , and the device will play the same phrase translated into the language that we have indicated through the speakers.

Travis Touch is the improved version of the Travis One translator, and it has been funded through a crowdfunding campaign  on the Internet . It is already available in Spain and can be purchased through the brand's website.

Travis Touch is intuitive and easy to use (it works with Android), but it is worth 250 euros … Is it worth buying a device with these characteristics having a smartphone at hand?

Next we analyze the characteristics of the device, its price and our experience after several days of use .

Travis Touch device key features

The device is pocket sized and quite light. It has a 2.5-inch touch panel and three buttons on the bottom.

The center button is used to quickly switch between languages ​​for translation, using a voice command . We will have to say instructions like "Italian to Spanish" for the translator to switch instantly.

Voice instructions are available in Spanish , English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, French, German, and Russian.

Unfortunately, this middle button works quite poorly , and the device does not recognize language change commands.

The other buttons are used to start the translation at any time . An icon for a microphone will appear on the screen, and all you have to do is start speaking for Travis Touch to recognize the message and broadcast the translation through the speakers.

The translator has a WiFi and Bluetooth connection and a SIM card slot . In addition, the battery offers up to 12 hours of autonomy and is recharged through the USB port.

Travis Touch design

The Travis Touch portable translator is designed in black, with an oval shape and a 2.5-inch oval touch screen . Below the screen we find the three navigation buttons.

The speaker is located on the upper edge of the device, and there is also a hook by which we could attach it to a strap or pendant .

On the right side is the on / off button, as well as a small reset button  . The left side has the SIM card tray.

Finally, on the lower edge we find the microUSB port, the miniJack port to connect headphones, and the integrated microphone.

Travis touch

Type of devicePortable real-time conversation translator
Languages105 languages ​​for translations
screen2.5-inch, touch
softwareOwn interface based on Android

Artificial intelligence that integrates 16 translation applications

ButtonsOn / off button

Two buttons for translation

One button for voice commands

Voice commandsTo change translation languages

Recognizes commands in 9 languages

BatteryUp to 12 hours of autonomy
ConnectionsWiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, microUSB port
SoundBuilt-in microphone

Speaker on top

MiniJack (3.5mm) port for headphones

Release dateAvailable
Price250 euros

How to set up Travis Touch

The Travis Touch Portable Translator has an Android-based interface that is regularly updated for improvements in the translation software.

Although the device works with or without an Internet connection, the best way to take advantage of it is to connect it via WiFi or 4G (it has a SIM card slot).

The connection is configured through the settings menu of the translator, but it is quite inconvenient to enter the password of the WiFi network by hand because the screen is small and several keys are pressed at the same time with the finger.

travis touch wifi password

The main tab of the device allows us to consult and modify the languages ​​that we will use for simultaneous translation. In addition, there is a tab with the translation history and another with the Travis Touch settings menu.

As in an Android smartphone, the top bar of the device will show us indicators for Bluetooth, the WiFi network, the data connection and the battery charge level.

Translation of up to 105 languages ​​in your pocket: why not a mobile phone?

With Travis Touch we can have real-time conversations with a person who does not speak our language, using only a small pocket device. Of course: the device is worth 250 euros in the market, which makes us wonder ... Is it really worth buying a translator of this type having a smartphone?


What Travis boasts is artificial intelligence and the combination of numerous apps to always obtain the best translation result at all times. On the device we can have 105 languages ​​at any time, even without an Internet connection.

And the truth is that the translations are almost immediate and of good quality . Speech recognition also works quite well, instantly.

It is only necessary to indicate the source language and the language to which we want to translate, press a button and start speaking. The translator will recognize the phrase and the corresponding translation will be heard through the loudspeaker .

In addition, another point in favor of Travis is the battery life : we can use it for almost 12 hours without worrying about charging it.

However, the price seems quite high for what the equipment offers. In many of the travel situations in which a translator can be useful, it is common to have a mobile phone with an Internet connection, with which we can use an application that can also translate sentences using the microphone and speaker.


Price and availability

The Travis Touch portable conversation translator is now available in Spain for 250 euros . It is sold only in one version, which already includes the SIM card slot and the WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

The Travis brand also sells on its website the business expansion Travis Touch for Business (100 euros), which stores the record of all conversations in the cloud. In this way, both translations and original interventions can be consulted.