How to remove the shortcut virus from your USB stick

How to remove the shortcut virus from your USB stick

Have you connected a USB and a virus has crept in? Or what is worse, you have infected your USB and you still don't know it? Quiet, because everything has a solution and you can disinfect the USB, eliminating the threat manually. Here we tell you how.

Possibly, when you connect your USB to your laptop or desktop you may have come across a strange document called "Manuel.doc". It can even happen that if you don't see this document, what happens is that all your files on the removable device are found with a strange image that includes "shortcuts". That is, you can see that they are your files but they have the direct access icon as if they were not really on said USB but in other folders on your computer. In reality what happens is that the virus hides these folders.

How to remove a virus from your USB manually

The damn 'Manuel.doc'

USB, when used in many computers can catch an infection and if the detailed above happens to you, it is very possible that you have a virus. The shortcut thing is in itself a strange symptom. The first thing you should do is run an antivirus that analyzes the USB. If the file "Manuel.doc" (Trojan that is responsible for creating these shortcuts) is confirmed and located, you are facing a problem. Try, first, to download this free and specific antivirus , called USBFix, which will help you delete "Manuel.doc".

But the thing does not end here. You need to manually remove the virus residue. To do this, you must search your USB again for all your folders. By removing Manuel.doc you will be able to see your files and there will be no shortcuts created, which is already progress. However, you will see a folder that says “System Volume Information”. In it there are two viruses included by default that come from "Manuel.doc".

What do we do? Keep the USB connected to the computer. You must enter the CMD (if you don't know how, type CMD in your home search engine and go there).

You should look at which drive your USB is hooked on. It can be E: or F: or similar. Type the corresponding letter and give a colon Enter, (to start operating on your USB). Then, you just have to type this command.

rmdir "System Value Information" / s / q

You give ENTER and finally the folder with those viruses will have been manually and efficiently removed from your USB.

The part of "System Value Information" must be in quotes and you must respect the spaces between words.

Now you just need to update your antivirus on your computer to verify that the USB virus has not infected anything you had on your laptop or PC.