How to change the appearance of your snake in

slitherio skins

The game is causing a sensation among gamers around the world. Despite the problems of lag or delays between the actions of the players and the reaction of the game, or its simplicity, in a game where there is no melody to accompany the games, more and more players join to prove its virtues . A multiplayer title of skill and a lot of patience, where few know how to get new aspects for their snakes . Well, if you want to know how to make your snake sprout a horn or wear the colors of your country, keep reading.

This is a simple trick that at the moment can only be applied in the web version of , that is, through the computer and not in its mobile version. With it, it is possible to change the color of the snake's skin before a game , although without being able to completely modify its appearance except with an extra antenna that floats above its head . Of course, there is a good variety of designs and colors to customize its appearance. skins

To do this, all you have to do is look at the lower right corner of the title screen . Here are the social networks Facebook and Twitter where you can share a score or the interest you have about this curious game. Well, this simple option unlocks the menu of skins or designs to customize our snake. Just click on one of the two options, Facebook or Twitter , although it is not necessary to finish the action. That is, you just have to click on these buttons to unlock the option, without having to share any content about it on our social networks.

After that, you have to look at the lower left corner of the main screen. Here the option Change Skin will have appeared . By clicking on the icon, we access a new selection screen, where a generic snake serves as a model to choose between the different skins or aspects . In this way, we will click on the left and right arrows to alternate the design and colors of the snake, serving as a reference to choose the desired one. Most of them only present a variety of uniform color , however, there are several designs that represent flags of different nationalities, rainbow, with some designs adding polka dots and other shapes, etc. The most striking variations fall on the flags and those that add a kind of antenna to the head of the snake . A mobile element that does help to give our character more distinction, as long as it is not used by other players, of course. skins

In short, a way to sign our games beyond the name . Of course, since there is such a concise variety compared to the number of players that exist in , it is most likely that we will see our design repeated on the game board a few times. Hopefully, over time, new designs and hopefully new looks will appear for our gluttonous snakes.